Canadian copyright collective going after iPods again



I just posted the article Canadian copyright collective going after iPods again.

As you might all know, in Canada it is perfectly legal for us to download music and to copy our audio CD’s for use in our cars, home players and mp3 players. Because of this we have not only…

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Those tarifs are high ! I am not an iPod fan or user, but what about those who have paid for all the music on their iPod via iTunes? I guess these idoiots are not counting that and so once again the paying consumers get f’d by the system. Well, I guess one way to make up for that extra tax on the pod is to just d/l or copy some music instead of buying it from iTunes. I mean, its only fair, right ? I got taxed for copying music so I might as well copy some, get what I paid for … :wink:


Going by this math, one DVD+RW disc would also have a $25 tariff. That’s insane!


>I mean, its only fair, right ? I got taxed for copying music so I might as well copy some Ivid, this is absolutely true. Because of the levy on blank CDs, we can legally copy as many CDs as we want for our own use, completely legally. You could bring a bunch of spindles over to my place, copy every CD I have, and it is completely legal. Now that people understand they are already paying to do this and take advantage of it, is it really any surprise revenues are down? And the record industry themselves pushed hard for this legislation…




They got a tariff on mp3 players before but a Judge struck it down. My cdr use has really dwindled in recent years, so I can see why they’d want to do it. I’m guessing it it does go through the levy wouldn’t actually end up that high, its wishful thinking.