Canadian CD-R levy no longer applicable on alll sold discs

I just posted the article Canadian CD-R levy no longer applicable on alll sold discs.

In Canada and in many other
countries troughout the world there is a levy on CD recordable discs. These
additional taxes are put in place to compensate copyright holders for
home-copying of…

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I’ll say it again. If the entertainment industries are being ‘compensated’ for the use of CD-R’s as a ‘possible’ medium for backing up copyright violating files. Then surely they legitimize the act of doing so. I know that the law says otherwise. But this is a two faced taxation. Yes. We can tax you on media that ‘may’ just be used to backup copyright violating material, but. No! You cannot backup copyrighted material. Such a riduclous tax as many taxes are.

Hey, all tax is theft, tax merely props up the weasily politicians and prevents the redistribution of wealth from those who have too much, to those who don’t have enough. So you can be your bottom dollar that the money raised from this escapade disappears into the pockets of those it shouldn’t. :d

I’ve been a SOCAN member for years, I get music royalty checks regularily, and I have yet to seen dime one from this CD-R levy. All of the “proceeds” from this sleazy practice are going into running the agency in charge of overseeing and collecting the tax. Canada is too funny!