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I have come to the conclusion that I want to buy 100 TY DVDRs for my Pioneer 108. I am pretty sure that the best online store (for Canadians) is They have a larger selection than Has anyone had good experiences with this company? I have no idea which type to buy. I get confused by media codes. I have never used TYs before so it’s not like I know a certain code is reliable. I was thinking of these:
100 for $50 Canadian and they burn at 12-16X. Not sure if mine classifies as a new burner though. I would still be happy if they burnt at 8X. I am sure the results would be more consistent anyways. Can anyone who owns this model recommend a media code for me? Thanks for your help. This is my first post and I look forward to learning more and more each day!


Hi Tuneman,

I have bought from many, many times and have never had a problem. Very quick to ship, and there TY media is genuine. I have never used DVD+R, but hear it is some exceptional media. I have used TY DVD-R (TYG02) with the same Pioneer you have and no problems. Here is the LINK!



Thanks for your input. I don’t know why I use +R. When I first started out I bought them because I heard that -R were the older format. The ones you suggest seem like a very good value. 100 for $42.85. What does “Lacquer Surface” mean? How are the shipping rates with (I live in Ottawa) What speed can you burn at with your 108 and that specific media?


#1 is an excellent company to buy from - excellent service and fast. They DO sell genuine TYs. Their shipping rates (unlike other online sites that RIP YOU OFF and calculate a flat fee on EACH item you order) are calculated by weight. That is how works. you place your order and the shipping will vary according to weight. In your case for 100 DVDs it would be around $7-$8 shipping, which is very reasonable since they use expedited parcels and you usually get your order the next day or the day after at most. is a well established company with a good reputation - they don’t HIDE under a P.O. BOX and a cell phone number as does, which is extremely unreliable, hides under a P.O. BOX, masks his website with anonymous proxies, no contact info, no name or address and lies about his products not to mention ripping you off on shipping. He sells crap media that he labels GRADE A - and is very arrogant !

Someone here already posted how unreliable they are - I wish I had read long before buying from blankdvdmedia.

Blankdvdmedia is based on Laval, Quebec - you are better off ordering from based on Ontario !

Here is an example at how much blankdvdmedia will RIP YOU OFF:

Let’s say you order 2 items, 1) 100 DVD+R and 2) a pack of 25 photo paper. Instead of calculating the shipping based on weight, he will charge you around $6-$7 for the 100DVD+R + another $6-7 for the 25 photo paper, whereas the same order would be charged at around $7.00-$8.50 with

#2 Avoid blankdvdmedia AT ALL COST -


That is so good to hear Greg. I would rather support an Ontario business than a Quebec one anyday! I am so glad that I found this site because I was fairly impressed with’s site. I was about to place my order until I noticed the link for when I Googled “TY in Canada”. All I have to say is god bless the soul who created that search engine. I hope he’s sitting on a beach in the Bahamas right now sippin on a Corona and smoking a Cuban cigar! I don’t have a credit card so I guess I will placing my order via the e mail payment. I guess there will be a bit of a delay with my order but they seem to have fast shipping times anyways. I just bought 3 50 pc 16X Verbatim spindles from The Source for $56 delivered to my door so there’s no rush! I never thought that I would rely on them for a high quality DVD but they were one of the few places in Ottawa that carried them and the price was unbeatable.


Just out of curiosity, i’ve bought from a couple of times and was very satisfied w/ the service. Just wondering if anybody in quebec has ever bought from blankdvdmedia … I live in Laval, Qc… maybe this guy is not too bad if you do pickups rather than ship…?

It could be more conveniant sometimes if i’m in a rush…


I live in Quebec and I have try both of them. ship fast and sell genuine RITEK Printable DVD-R 8X but I have experienced problem with famous G05 Ritek recently and decide to move with TY. I have bought TYG02 DVD-R 8X White Printable from because price was better and receive it very fast. They seem to be genuine TY (GG000077 serial number), but some disc did not burn as well as expected (high spikes).

I think the 2 company were honest and sell original product but sometimes you can have problems with some batchs from any seller…

Anyway go for best price, both of them are canadian seller anyway!


I have ordered through blankdvdmedia.COM not .CA and the WEB pages are different, but are in fact in Laval - are they the same company?
I ordered 200 Dysan DVDs from them and just 3 days later, I received a shipment via ExpressPost … BUT … they were Ridata not Dysan. I emailed them and they replied “just send them back and we will exchange the for Dysan … sorry for the inconvenience” It cost me $10.50 for postage and a tracking number. The tracking info confirms that they signed for my returned package May 9 and now 15 days later, I have not received the Dysan DVDs that I had ordered. They won’t reply to my emails and their telephone number 514-9106946 goes to a FULL mailbox. Looks like I can kiss my $90.95 goodbye - Unless you’re looking for Ridata media, be carefull dealing with them.


You know Ridata is at least in theory an A grade brand, and Dysan is a 100% B grade crap brand, right?


That is your opinion but the issue at hand here is that BLANKDVDMEDIA.COM did NOT send me what I had ordered and paid for even after I returned their shipment for an exchange, as they asked in an email. I still haven’t received my order (it’s been 15 days now) … AND they do not reply to emails and they cannot be reached by phone.

When you refer to grade A and grade B, where do you get your specs from?
Have you ever personally had problems with Dysan?

In “theory” at least, any disc can be grade A.


Yes, IS in the wrong, I’m not going to argue with you there.

I’m just saying that you would probably would have been better off with the Ridata, and you wouldn’t have had to pay return shipping either.

I think most people would agree that Ridata > Dysan. Neither brand is great, though.


Thank you for acknowledging that the problem lies with’s and not with the quality, or lack of, of the discs that I ordered.

I have used Maxell, Kodak, Memorex and TDK (white surface, injket printable but these were not HUB printable) and I’m using the Pioneer 110D and have had no problem whatsoever with any of these, and I have burned hundreds of discs. One of the reason I had chosen Dysan is that Ridata’s surface is not pure white. Another reason for choosing Dysan (and I just recently found out that they made HUB printable DVDs) is that in the past, a long time ago, I only used Dysan for my 5-1/4 floppy discs and they were a top quality product. Whereas I have heard from several people that they had problem with Ritek and Ridata (same company). I believe that any brand is good if you use the right burner, software and if you know what you’re doing. I also believe that using discs that have a brand name that has been in the busines for more than 15 years will perform better.Ritek and Ridata are probably the discs that are more widely sold nowadays,but I attribute that to the fact that they were cheaper to buy when they FIRST came out and that’s a good thing because the other well known brands are now about the same price. You get what you pay for. Ridata comes packed in a thin plastic wrapper, no spindle twist-lock case and no protection for the top and bottom of the discs.
As for paying for return shipping - that was the only way that I could get a receipt as proof that I had returned the discs, and I got a tracking number and the name of the person that signed for it.
One more thing that surprised me is that when I place my order with my credit card, I only found out later from an email that my purchase appeared on my credit card as PAYPAL MEDIA and when I contacted Paypal, they said that I did not purchase through a Paypal account and they did not recognize any of the reference numbers belonging to Paypal (invoice #, Account #, Receipt ID, etc.). I DO have a Paypal account but that purchase did not appear in my history. So I now have no recourse in recuperating nor my order, nor the $90.95 that I paid. And that’s why I don’t recommend BLANKDVDMEDIA.COM - unless you order Ridata discs.


I doubt Dysan-branded optical media is top quality, even if they were in the business for long time. Look at Memorex, they are selling all kinds of B- and C-grade discs although their name is famous. Things have changed because of takeovers, buyouts and stuff like that, and this is why Ridata is now regarded superior to Dysan.
Also, if Ridata discs aren’t protected, you might just want to discard the last disc and use canned air to clean them.


Believe it or not, up until very recently, Dysan and Memorex were owned by the same guy (Hanny Holding, I think). Memorex is sort of a A/B grade brand, while Dysan is absolute a B grade brand.


Yes, Hanny Holdings of Hong Kong, until Memorex was bought by imation.


I appreciate the threads generated by my original message it shows that this forum is well and alive.

Being a newbie to this forum, I don’t know if the subject of different DVD brands (quality) has already been discussed - I’ll do a search because I’d really like to get some input from people that have actually used Dysan DVDs.

Thanks all for the infos.


I know you were saying that Dysan made good floppies… and it appears you were right.

I think it’s safe to say that the Dysan of today is nothing more than a brand name that got sold to Hanny Holdings of Hong Kong. :sad:


Well, it seems that I was a bit hasty in judgement because after 16 days, I just received an email from BLANKDVDMEDIA.COM asking me if I wanted a refund or delivery of the original order I had placed, plus posting that I paid for returning the order. I’m happy to see a canadian company is offering competitive pricing - dare I say better prices than if you order from the U.S.

Thanks Buck for the Wikipedia link and I will soon be able to make my own appraisal.


Well I’ll be direct with you - the guy is a tosser ! :slight_smile:

He sells to US and Canada - I invite you to run a whois on his website, you will notice how he made sure to keep his anonymity, using “proxy” to hide - Also he uses a cell phone, and there is NO company information and address on his bloody website. Don’t even think of going in person to pick items, he will not let you - Only for LARGE volume orders (1000’s…) and even so you have to let him know in advance. He also misleads and lies about media codes. he sells CRAP basically… His favourite media is RITEK, he praises RITEK like it’s made of 24k gold, he claims that his RITEK G05 and RIDATA are GRADE A media best in the world - He has zero credibility - And in my opinion a company that hides like that does not deserve my business.

You will see the difference with which provides FULL information on the company, they give you phone numbers, real names, real addresses, they even have a store ( = BITS’N’PCs) a registered company - the guy IS legit, he has a much bigger selection of products and he doesn’t bloody rip you off with shipping.


Let’s say you order 2 x 100 Taiyo Yuden, with blankmedia, the site will give you an exact shipping price based on WEIGHT. Blankdvdmedia on the other hand will RIP YOU OFF, instead of charging you by weight they will multiply the shipping cost by the units. Example if you place 3 separate orders for 3 different products your shipping will be TRIPLED… Example $6.00 * 3, which would come to way more than if you were charged by weight.

Whether you are in Quebec or any place in Canada, I think is the best place to get media from - most of the time your order is received within 2 business days of you placing your order.


I could’Ve warned you ahead of time - It is a one man company, he is very arrogant and rude with customers, so don’t expect any support, he is a complete wanker - I once ordered some RIDATAs after his sales pitch of RIDATA being good and how the media codes used was RICOHJPNR03, once I received the batch it turned out to be RITEK - when confronted the tosspot later on he was evasive and started insulting me despite I was very calm in my post… Try asking him his address, his name, his phone number…nothing, that 910 number is a cell.

The only minor complaint I have about (no big deal) and you will see this mentioned a lot in reviews…this smell of cigarette in your shippment :smiley: I mean when I receive my boxes the first thing I smell when the box is first opened is cigarettes lol but that is only a detail - all of my media ordered from scanned perfectly - only thing with the TYs ordered from I notice are the bonding issues with the TY, you can see this right away, and yes some discs have higher error rates, but overall, even the worst disc has a much better scan than the crappy RIDATA, DYSAN and even Maxell MIJ :slight_smile: