Canadian artists form anti-DRM coalition, call for copyright reform

I just posted the article Canadian artists form anti-DRM coalition, call for copyright reform.

You gotta
love Canada! Looks like some artists up there have been getting plenty
stirred up over the embarrassing stance taken by CRIA (pronounced “kreea” - yeah
right) and the…

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I hope Roj sees this! :B

It’s cute how Canadian artists always play up how they’re Canadian.

Thats not how I read that at all. And I think Canadian artists play up their nationality a lot less than artists from most other nations anyway. Its great that Canadian artists want to prevent lawsuits like the ones happening in the US and Europe. Without the artists speaking up the lawsuits are bound to continue. In fact, if an artist dosent support something like this, we know where their prioities lie and we as consumers can act accordingly.

FINALLY!!! People who don’t crawl into a corner and weep like a bad puppy! (All American Artists) GO CANADA! Set the example!

Having an artist “playing” his nationality - if that means making a point about cultutaral identity and that they mean something with their work- whats the problem about? It’s an healthy atitude in a world of mass marketing made all-look-and-sound-alike one shot “artists”, no matter where they come from.

crabbyappleton: saw it. read it. liiiike ittttt!!! :slight_smile: sign me “proud canadian” (with jamaican roots, of course)
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Canada is combination of all best US and France have :wink:

I don’t think we have alot to worry about while we have minority governments in charge, as they tend to have a hard enough time passing major legislation, let alone spend the time and effort to pass minor stuff like copyright legislation. so until we get another party with a majority, I think we’ll continue to be safe. This is a great move by the artists though, it really backs the CRIA into a corner, and kinda shows how irrelevant the CRIA/RIAA are, an unwanted middleman.

Makes me want to go out at buy another Barenaked Ladies CD!

Go go canadians !! Good job

I wish them all the best and hope that they make lots of money.