CANADA taiyo yudens, 50 cents ea. (best buy)



sold as fujifilm 8x +/- in 50pc cakeboxes for $24.99 each. that’s 50 cents a disc (57.4 cents if we include tax)

not the best deal, but i thought 57 cents per disc was pretty good, especially for canada, we dont see many yudens

they also have verbatin (MMC004) and memorex (moser baer india) but more expensive.


Also found 100 Pack Fujifilm DVD+R 8x "Made in Japan" YUDEN000 T02. for $49.00 at Future Shop. May only be Western Canada.:slight_smile:


cool. not very surprising either since they are the same company


That’s right I forgot about that.:iagree:


Which is better, the Fujifilm 8x DVD+R or the -R.
I have been using Ridata 8x +R, since I managed to missed all the sales at BB or FS. Hope I can get some tomorrow, but don’t know which is better, +R or -R? Which one can do 12x?


Be very careful that you look for Made In Japan as the -R Made in Japan are Taiyo Yuden TYG02 and if Made in Taiwan they are ProdiscF01 very different in quality. Both TY +R and -R are very good quality and it is really personal preference although most would disagree and say +R is better. I find they both write very well and both will burn at 16x depending on your burner.HTH. :slight_smile:


The -R’s can also be Fujifilm03 MID, which are OK but not as good as the TYG02’s. The “BenQ 8× DVD-R” sold by Futureshop are often Fujifilm03 (sometimes Sony 08D11) and are often on sale for less than 50¢ each.


Good to know I always wondered what MID the BenQ 8x was but I wasn’t going to buy any just to find out what they were. Was just in Future Shop tonight and checked out the Fujifilm 8x DVD+R 100 pack and it has a clear top you can see the TG001133 S/N on the inner disc if you look hard enough. As you can tell I don’t wan’t any fake TY.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. So, I need to buy +R and made in Japan to be sure it is TY.


Yep and like I said the 100 Packs don’t have the blue fujifilm label on top of the first disc so you can actualy see the TY serial # on the top disc.:iagree:


Thanks for all the advice. I went to BB today at Laird and bought the last one of 50 pack 8x +R made in Japan for 24.99. The s/n shows TG01158 (not 01133). I hope it is the right stuff. FS has the 100 pack and has the TG01158 (it does look like 01133 depending on the lighting). I just bought the 50 pack from BB since I bought some Ridata 16x recently (and it is not good).


Fuji +Rs were all TY last time I checked. I have had rotten luck with defective Fuji labeled TYs though, so I won’t touch anything but an unbranded TY disc anymore. :wink:


I tested it and it is the real stuff: :wink:

Sorry, image is too small. But it does say 16x and both PE and PI are under the limits.


Great now you have to Post a scan in the BenQ DARE Thread. Just kidding,:wink: