Canada raises taxes on CD-R's

I just posted the article Canada raises taxes on CD-R’s….


Yesterday we reported about a possible tax raise in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Canada this raise is a fact…

Ottawa. Following the…

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rip off, this sux. hehe, if this goes on much more the uk will be the world’s best place for piracy, no plans for a tax here! cds cost only 20p.

who the hell uses cdr audio, there is not difference between it and a cdr! (except price)

Bloody gawd damn Canadian Commie “gay bastard” government!

Once again they find a way to be total byotches towards recordable media and not just CD-R(W)s!

Anyone wanna hire a fellow 6’9" muscular hitman to make Ottawa a crate with a half-life of 50,000 years? Coup D’Etat people! Gawd!

Well I’m from Canada and they tried to do this last year prices on cd’s went through the roof and then as soon as the date came for the supposed levy the prices dropped cause the government didn’t have the balls to do it… I’m not worried just yet!

CD-R & CD-R audio different tax, same cd…

In Denmark they just suspended the tax on cdr.
The goverment said, that if it is illegal to copy music cdz, then you can not put a tax on blank cdz.
Such a tax would state that it is legal to copy as long as you pay taxes.