CANADA - Fuji 8x DVD+R (100) @ $39.99



I think they’re ProDisc… will investigate my local FS later today to be sure :slight_smile: My local BestBuy Fujis have been ProDisc lately, so I’m hoping these are the MIJ babies… anybody have some of these bought online?


Update: they’re either Prodisc crap or the beautiful Taiyo Yuden T02, depending on country of manufacture. Taiwan or Japan, take your pick.
Still plenty left.


They could also be these if Made in Taiwan as there is new Fujifilm DVD+R 8x MIT are RitekR03 or RicohJpn02-Fuji looks like want reduce retail prices but also unfortunately reduce quality .


I’m getting mine tommorrow (ordered online) - crossing my fingers (please be T02!!! :bow: )


good luck! I had to go to the store to check out stock, seemed like equal amounts of Taiwanese and Japanese Fujis… I got a 50-stack of the Taiwanese last time, and they were awful Prodisc.
My new stacks are TY02, so far so good!


here’s a scan… first and only one burnt so far :slight_smile:


yup, definitely Taiyo Yuden… this is the second disc, burnt @ 8x w/BenQ DW1620, v.B7T9


Made in Taiwan!!! aaaaaarrrggghhh!!! :sad:


Send them back and ask for MIJ discs only.


Can you do that??? They were bought online and the nearest FS is 80 miles away!


Ya thats a long ways away. Future Shop has a pretty good return Policiy if you were closer. Sorry to hear that you got Made in Taiwan.:sad:


I’m buying up all the MIJ from my local store :slight_smile: I just did a 16x burn, the scan is better than my previous scans with ANY (non-TY) media at ANY speed! w000t!!
After this, I’ll never buy cheap shit like BenQ (DAXON) or Prodisc media again… all this time I thought it was just my burners that weren’t very good :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d send back the MIT discs and ask for the MIJ. THey should be able to do that for you, and they’re currently doing a web survey (got it in the email) about customer satisfaction online, so they should certainly care about your opinion (until end of this week).
Return 'em. Ask for an exchange.


guys where do i check to see if they are made in taiwan or japan ? i hope someone will answer soon, the promo ends today and the store closes in 4 hours :frowning:

thanks a lot


check your local store. It says on the packaging where the discs are made… also, the packaging is different: Taiwanese Fujis are a vertical cylinder, whereas the Japanese Fujis are tapered from the base up to the top.


awesome dude thanks a lot :smiley: i just came back with 200 DVDs :smiley: i noticed they had 75% taiwanese ones and 25% japanese ones in the store


Well i kept the MIT discs and they burn pretty good on my Benq and LG.Nero Qscan at 96% with less than 1000 pi failures. The Benq overspeeds them at 12X but burning them at that speed gives less than stellar results :frowning: They are not Prodiscs but Ritek R03 rev 2. Still bummed they are not MIJ, was looking foward to some 16X burning :sad:


I’d prob. keep the Riteks too… however, T02 is my new favourite media! Plus my $30 Verbatims from Amazon finally came in, MCC 03, almost as good as the Taiyo Yudens!!

If ONLY they were printable :slight_smile:

How about a couple scans from the MIT Riteks??


Hi there!

I agree, that all people want to get these Yuden Fujis! But two things to think about:

  1. There are many different batches and some of them are not that good (ok, good enough, but not THAT good Yudens ment to be)! Especially the new batches:
  2. A look at the ritek-fujis is worth a try! They´re really fine! So have a look here:
  3. The riteks are really cheaper! Get them for 9 Euro / 25! (So in Germay)