Canada ends MP3 player taxes after Supreme Court decision

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  Back in December  2003, taxes of $2, $15 and $25 were introduced for portable audio devices  containing up to 1GB, 10GB and over 10GB of non-removable memory  respectively.  But in...
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“Obviously we’re disappointed. We felt it was self-evident that those products are sold for the purpose of copying music,” said David Basskin, of the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) wait a second there, isnt the iPod all about iTunes (paying .99 for a song [maybe different price there in canada]) or did i miss out on apple’s new financial strategy?

Well, it wasn’t apple who said that, but CPCC. However, this is indeed lame, the point of mp3 players is so that you put all your songs on one small (relative to the regular CD players) device and take it with you wherever you want. It’s all just another way to rip customers off.

If Bill 60 is passed, it will mean every time you make a backup or music or convert your CD to mp3 to play on you mp3 player … you will be required to pay royalty/copyright fees. Not to mention it be more easier for music/movie industry to request our private information in regards internet usage. All they had to do is write up a letter stating that he/she is downloading illegal files and I want their internet information (evidence use to sue you) for free. I’ve a feeling they will starting randoming writing up letters to ISPs requesting private internet usage information of consumer. This is not a step forward. It a step backward in my opinion if the review’s report of ammendment of Bill 60 is passed. Anyways, if there’s and canadian readers reading this, please contact your MP and say no to Bill 60. I rather pay a small levy on my purchase of blankmedia / player than pay the full fee backing up my dvds/cds.
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All our information is logged and stored already when online. It is just a difference of secrecy between who is pulling the strings. Let’s all stop drinking evian???!!?!?!?

I download mp3’s, but i also have quite the collection of cd’s and still buy cd’s. So its not like i’m stiffing the record companies, I buy what I can afford, and only buy the albums i really like and feel are worth 13-15 canadian dollars. However as of late, I’ve quite enjoyed making mp3 cd’s for my car cd player. I’ve been ripping my own cd’s, of my favorite bands, then putting them all onto an mp3 cd, to listen to in the car. I plan on picking up an mp3 player in the near future. I like the idea of loading it with a few albums before i do my morning bike ride. I’m not always going to be filling with it with stuff I don’t own. I tend to download unreleased albums to give them a listen, to see if I feel its worth buying. If not it usually just sits in my mp3 directory doing nothing. I think its lame the CRIAA wants to assume if i bought one, I wouldn’t use it for any legitimate purposes. Now they want to try and make it illegal to make backups, and what not, but still get there levy? Why do they assume every illegally download album is a lost sale? Do they really think people could afford to buy that many albums? hopefully somemore crazy assed stuff happens in our parliament, and a new election has to be called. Then the legislation would be tossed out for now.

So if the CRIAA is crazy enough to commence legal action against down loaders, it would create an interesting legal conundrum of double dipping! And if C60 is passed, with it’s new attendant legal user restrictions, then CPCC itself will be invovled in a legal conundrum over it’s media tax fees!(for one new law C60, says no you can’t do that, yet CPCC says yes you can, because you prepay this royalty charge on a variety of recording media purchased in canada) Oh, life will be interesting indeed for the average Canadian, caught in the middle of the conflicting laws, little wonder the justices bounced this one without a hearing, knowing it will return at a later date! I can imagine what would happen in the local court, if sued by CRIAA for copyright material held, and you produce the CPCC tax stamps, on your media purchased! Onward and upward these conundrums will fly!!

they are funny… will they ever learn that * those who download music, and can buy it - buy it anyway * those who download music, and can’t afford to buy it - wouldn’t buy it anyway so claiming about “losses” due to “downloads” is pure bullshit!

Am not siding with CPCC or any such authority. I equally hate their practices but, I don’t agree with your following statement: * those who download music, and can buy it - buy it anyway I know many people who can afford to buy it but, don’t buy it because they can download it for free.