Canada deems file sharing legal!

I just posted the article Canada deems file sharing legal!.

Thanks to a reaction from an alert reader Thudmeizer, who found out that file sharing is now legal in Canada. We did some checking and sure enough CRIA pronounced “creea” just took it in…

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Nice story, especially when you consider the DATE it was posted:)

well the source its from has a date & time of "3:49 p.m. ET March 31, 2004 April fools?

Considering that Canadians have a hefty tax on CD-R’s, blank audio tapes, and other blank recording media to cover the cost of piracy, file sharing darned well ought to be legal there. If the CRIA wants it to be illegal, then they should petition the tax be removed, and no longer receive revenue from sales of blank recording media. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

It ain’t April Fools sugar - this one’s fer real. :B

It’s true. Theres 20 different news sources sayin the same thing!! :B

keep in mind…those who remember the name orson wells know that hoaxs can be purpetrated on a larger scale than this…:X

Awwwww shit I forgot…that was america…where even the government is a hoax…:X

Hahahah, Canada rocks. :X is proud to be Canadian

Yep! Happy to be in Canada! Btw… even if it went the other way I COULDN’T GIVE A RAT’S FRICK’N ARSE!!! The whole system is eating itself into oblivion anyway and it will take a major catastrophe to reverse the diseased tissue that’s been fostered over years of misguided egos and corporatism. So whats next: MPAA/RIAA get so vile they create their own police force just like Gistapo Nazi Germany… Oh wait… THEY ALREADY HAVE… They just live in shadows!

pfff… I remember some canadian news earlier on CDfreaks, check them out too :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, Now the RIAA can finaly sing: BLAME CANADA! :B

I guess George W. will get his troups back and invade canada. :d

gasp Unauthorized use of copyrighted lyrics! Now you’re in trouble! :B

That´s it. That does it… I´m moving to Canada…!!! :X

Are you one of the American troops ? :wink: Anyway , it’s just pitty that’s is not true .

Only in Canada Eh !!!:slight_smile:

Can you guys READ!This is TRUE and not an April Fool’s Hoax.

:slight_smile: It’s ALL GooooD!