Canada Cracks me up

Just heard from a friend in the “Great White North”
that Canada has BANNED airplay of the Song “Money for Nothing” by the band Dire Straits because the lyrics contain the word “faggot”

Makes me want to drive to Canada playying that song LOUD with my windows down… and I don’t even particularly like Dire Straits


At Christmas time, one popular song heavily played on the radio here is “Fairy Tale of New York” which also has the word “faggot”, so I presume that’s also banned there.

Then again, here in Ireland, sometimes they play unedited versions of songs on day time radio, such as Eminem’s hit “My Name Is” which has plenty of foul language in the uncut version.

I wonder why they didn’t just censor that word instead of banning the song…

So you can’t sing about a bundle of sticks?

Think about this Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Resturaunt” also has the word “Faggot” in the lyrics

Back about 20 years ago they had college Student DJ’s filling in over the holiday’s at WPLJ in New York city, well WPLJ had a policy that over thanksgiving they’d play “Alice’s Resturaunt” once during each DJ’s shift starting at 6pm the night before,

To make a long story short one of these fill-in DJ’s actually appologized for the
word “faggot” and was REMOVED and replaced during the next song, and when
the new DJ came on they appologized for the previous appology.



I find the following interesting:

"Faggot - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
Look up faggot in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Faggot, fagot, or faggoting may refer to:

faggot or fagot, branch or twig, or bundle of these
Faggot (unit), archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks
Death by burning, metonymically referred to by the faggots which fuel the fire
Ashen faggot (or ashton fagot), Christmas wassail tradition in the West Country of England
Faggot (slang), pejorative, now usually for a gay man, also having older and derived pejorative senses
Faggot (food), British meatball commonly made of pork offal
Faggots (novel), 1978 novel by Larry Kramer
Faggoting (metalworking), forge welding a bundle of bars of iron and steel
Faggoting (knitting), variation of lace knitting in which every stitch is a yarn over or a decrease
Faggoting stitch, featherstitch, or Cretan stitch, embroidery stitch used to make decorative seams or to attach insertions
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15, USSR jet fighter with NATO reporting name “Fagot"
9K111 Fagot, an anti-tank guided missile
Fagotto, 16′ pedal reed organ stop
Faggot cell, blast cell type found in acute promyelocytic leukemia
Faggot voter, hireling eligible to vote as nominal titleholder of part a subdivided property
Eumeta crameri or faggot worm, from the bundles of twigs it binds to itself
Jacob Faggot (1699-1777), Swedish scientist who miscalculated the pitches of the Strähle construction”

Of the 17 different variations of the use of the word - only one is derogatory and deemed offensive-eh!

Just PC mentality run a muck. We just had our own run-in with it here in the USA with the Arizona shootings. The PC crowd tried to use the tragedy to curtail the free speech of their political opponents.

Banning any song is wrong on so many levels but banning a song for ONE WORD is just play crazy. All the DJs in Canada should play that song at the same moment as a protest gesture and to bring public attention to their government’s over bearing attitude. The only reason governments get away with this behavior is the citizens let them.

Frankly I think the law of unintended consequences will have it’s “revenge” because of the attention brought
by the ban I’d bet that sales of this song on iTunes has probably increased.


This is a sneaky, evil plan :eek:

Censoring of this song will cause more people using P2P to find and download that song, since they are now not able to listen on radio.
This measurable increase of P2P will get noticed by the media industry who will then send out their lawyers and lobbyists.

Not only 1000s of people will be dragged to court, but also there will be the “controlled internet” then :eek:


I have a friend that downloads all sorts of stuff…

does he worry about getting a nasty-gram from the MPA or RIAA?

About as much as he worrys about being attacked by flying pigs.


Because he uses an “anonymous” notebook computer to do his downloading from unsecured wifi spots that he spends time scouting for,

And when he’s not actualy downloading he swaps out his WiFi card
so they aren’t going to track him by MAC adress.

Frankly I couldn’t be bothered to go to those lengths.


The song’s not banned - but the CRTC has required that radio stations playing it during normal waking hours bleep the word “faggot”.

I agree that it’s stupid, but calling it a ban is exaggerating things terribly.

I listen to satellite radio personally, so it doesn’t affect me.

Back in the day when Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ was new music there was a Rochester radio station that actually edited (cut out from a tape) every appearance of the word ‘colored’. Boy did that mess with the beat. On a similar note has anyone ever seen the ‘clean’ Lebowski? (example)…It makes it almost funnier than the original movie…

Not to mention the BBCs ban on the Paul Simon tune ‘Kodachrome’ or the reason the Kinks changed over to ‘Cherry Cola’…

We’re not smart enough to determine what’s offensive for ourselves . . .

What I find offensive is someone telling me what is offensive.

[QUOTE=UTR;2570164]What I find offensive is someone telling me what is offensive.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=UTR;2570164]What I find offensive is someone telling me what is offensive.[/QUOTE] Exactly! I find the constant bleeping of words on some channels here (those broadcast from UK) to be offensive; so I’m not mature enough to hear some four-letter word or non-politically correct term? They’re even bleeping out some bleeping words in music videos! :a

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2570173]Exactly! I find the constant bleeping of words on some channels here (those broadcast from UK) to be offensive; so I’m not mature enough to hear some four-letter word or non-politically correct term? They’re even bleeping out some bleeping words in music videos! :a[/QUOTE]

All day or just in prime time?

[QUOTE=justcallmebob;2570178]All day or just in prime time?[/QUOTE] As far as I know it’s all day.

Explanation: Many of the Danish commercial channels are broadcast from the UK via satellite in order to be able to have virtually unlimited commercial breaks, which is disallowed when broadcasting from within Denmark. This means that those channels also have to follow U.K. law when it comes to “offensive” language.

There’s also the added “bonus” of having some of the U.S. shows and series pre-bleeped before being shown here. :rolleyes:

Whew! Wot a lot of to do about nothing…I think I need a fag :rolleyes:

So you have your daily bleep show. :bigsmile: