Canada buys half of Hawaii



Canada has just closed a deal to purchase half of the Hawaiian Islands.

                                                 	                                                    The deal is touted as a groundbreaking new way  for the US to generate money in order to bounce back from the tough  economic times it has seen in the past couple years. Terms of the deal  were not fully disclosed, but those familiar with the negotiations put  the final price at around $2.3B USD. The purchased land is rumored to  carry the name "Harper Islands"

Talks are currently underway to determine where exactly the border would dissect the islands. Once those details are worked out, each country will build their own immigration and customs offices in order to make traveling through the islands as painful as possible.

John Hennechuk, Canada’s chief Island Procurement Officer was excited to have the contract finally signed.

“This is a huge deal for us, and now that we have our own tropical locale, we’ll need to shoot new tourism videos and ensure Europeans that our side of Hawaii is American-free.”

The deal has left some Americans stunned, while others welcome the sale as a new way to generate income.

“I can’t believe it. I live on the land that was sold to the Canadians, does that mean I’m a Canadian now?” asked one local business owner.

“I don’t even like Hawaii, it’s full of volcanoes and surfers,” commented one New Yorker.

With most of the details still uncertain, one very important and dangerous bit of information has recently leaked to the media.

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It is April 1

I have alread purchased the other half all canada is getting it the half that has all the people on it.


Yeah, well, a good joke is a good joke, even at April 1st. :wink:


Seems, this becomes rather common these days. The federal state Hessen in Germany wants to buy a greek island:



Actually the only part that we can claim is Waikiki Beach. Since the sand there has been eroding over the years Canada has been shipping boat loads of sand there to replenish it. :bigsmile: