I am facing a problem that finally brought me here.I have an original copy of the game civilization 4 on dvd.Ever since I got it,I find myself unable to even INSTALL the game.There is a menu to choose the lanquage and right afterwards my civ 4 stops,telling me it had emulator software detected at first.By that time I had installations of quite a few of them.So I uninstalled the striking software,but had no different result apart from that since then on I have been receiving the message a 2nd instance of the game would be running and should be stopped first.
In the meantime I even reinstalled and tried it the warez way,but nonetheless did I receive the 2nd instance running message.So I don´t know any further but asking a community of people in the know,maybe someone can help me.

I’m don’t know much about emulators but I’m willing to bet that you still have traces of the emulators in your registry and your civ 4 sees that and it won’t play…probably reminents of those ems. still hangin’ around…

Yes this might be possible,but I have manually searched and deleted most of them I think.Is there a way to check that?
And thanks for the instant reply!BTW I have that same problem installing just the update of the game!

start/run/regedit and look into the software sections of current user and local machine