can´t decrypt 7 zwerge

hi i have probs with a new german movie called 7 zwerge

when loading dvd
“Some DVD information on L:[7_ZWERGE_2] cannot be read.
You can choose " Main Movie” or “Customize” to copy it."

when starting “Main Movie”

“Analyzing of DVD started
Task_1 failed! Error=400(39 5 2 0 59577 59578 59577)
Process failed”

any idea


Sorry you are having trouble. Will the drive read other DVDs OK? You might also try Customize and select “No Menus”.

all drives are ok with other dvds.
i read something about a new protection.

movie works fine with a standalone dvd player.
any idea


Yes, new copy protection can cause this error. Did you try Customize/No Menus? Or will it even allow you to go that far (does the failure message come up during the analyze function or later?)

only main movie, i just have the decrypter
first message comes up while loading the dvd.

next message when trying mainmovie

It is a new version of “protect dvd video” copy protection. Use dvdfab (and only this version) to rip movie only to hdd. This protection can be found on german dvds such as “Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot”, “7 Zwerge- Der Wald ist nicht genug” or " Das Parfum". If you want to make a complete backup anydvd is the only solution. No other can do it right now.

From the anydvd changelog: 2007 03 15

  • New (DVD): Added support new versions for the “Protect DVD-Video” copy
    protection to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
    Examples: “Wer früher stirbt…” and “Perfume”, both R2, German
  • Note: With the help of AnyDVD, discs protected with "Protect DVD-Video"
    can now be played on Windows MCE 2005, with Windows Media player or
    Shame on the makers of this really bad protection.
    They don’t do their customers a favour, if they cannot watch the
    original disc!
    We really hope that they get these discs slapped in their faces by
    their (ex)customers.

Hope this is allowed to tell here.
PS: Grretings from Northgermany glückshans. :stuck_out_tongue:


where can i get this version ?

schonmal danke für die hilfe :wink:

dvdfab decrypter

Bitte schön! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I keep some old versions but I do not have Perhaps someone else will have it. Send an email to, he can either fix this or perhaps suggest another cure for “protect dvd video” copy protection. Also, try this: download version Platinum (30 day free trial) to try the Customize/No Menus option. Ver. is very old and I don’t see how it could copy it if a newer version can’t.:confused:
/EDIT/Didn’t see sheep18’s link before posting. Still would try Platinum.

Dvd is a mess . Shows a size of 15gb. Don’t know why it works with but it works (but only with main movie). Don’t know about customize. Some vts’s are existing twice. James or another slysoftmember talked about the mess of this disc in the slysoft forum, but can’t find the post. The dvd is no standard. Can’t be recognized by wmplayer and so on.

Wow. This sounds even worse than the latest Sony R1 discs with >75 bogus IFOs, BUPs and VOBs. Both Main Movie and Customize/No Menus essentially discard the supplied IFOs and make small, simple new ones for (in the case of main movie) what it thinks are the main title VOBs or (in the case of Cust/No Menus) the selected titleset.

the main movie worked with version

thx for he help