Can your iPod battery life be restored with a format?

I just posted the article Can your iPod battery life be restored with a format?.

There is
an article over at Wired involving the review and testing of a user replaceable battery for 1st and 2nd generation iPods. The 2100 milliamp hour battery can give your iPod an…

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There was an article in PC Pro (UK) ages ago about renewing battery life for PDA’s. This was also put down to the firmware miscalculating battery life and a reset /firmware flash sorted it. Also Dell used to ship a firmware update with new batteries for its latitude range.

Or loading the songs back on could have made them less fragmented on the HDD, so you get faster seek times, and so less HDD usage. Seems quite a big improvement though!

Many times its a problem, usually caused by apple, that there is more battery used than nessisary after certain actions. These things should be found by testers but aren’t. You can’t get more battery life out of a battery than there is within the battery. Its the utilization of that power that is not keeping the battery alive. I also agree that having the songs fresh on the HD means less seeking time.