Can your computer CD-ROM tell on you...? Yes, with BandLink!

I just posted the article Can your computer CD-ROM tell on you…? Yes, with BandLink!.

dday lets us know that he spotted an interesting article over at With a new technology, developed by Bandlink, it’s possible that you’re submitting personal information to a record…

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It won’t be sending out ANY information here… Just block it with your firewall of choice.

Yes. If you have an internet connection, you definately should have a firewall, especially if you have broadband.

granted the RIAA sees the purchase of a CD as only a loan of the material. so I’d imagine they’d just argue you use their loaned CD products at your own risk.

Simply disable cd autorun and it won’t launch anything automatically. Autorun sucks anyway :smiley:

If I had a dollar for everytime a program on my computer tried to get through my firewall to an unknown website. I could check my mail on my own Cray super computer.

This Bandlink CD Intelligence software sounds pretty scary. I would say it should be outlawed. It is a serious invasion of privacy!!!