Can you walk me through this?

New to this whole DVD backup thing…I have Nero Express 6 installed as well as DVD shrink, DVD FabEncrypter and Roxio. LOL Yeah, I have been working at this awhile.

Anyway, I am trying to backup a kids’ movie and save it to the hard drive with DVD FabEncrypter. Then used Roxio to burn it to disk. My (admittedly cheap) DVD player hangs when trying to load it. What have I done wrong? And which programs should I uninstall (since I realize I have more than necessary). :stuck_out_tongue:

THanks for all your help, can’t wait to get up to speed on this!

Hi :slight_smile:
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Take a look here.

Thanks for the link, will have a look right away.

Update: I removed everything except the main movie and burned another copy and it plays now! Quality isn’t great tho.

FWIW, I am using an 8x media…by TDK (thanks Costco). Should I be using something else??

You are all so friendly to us newbies, much appreciated!

Could be the media. With Nero’s CD-DVD Speed use the disc info tab with one of the TDKs in & save the image as a PNG format file (top right is a floppy icon).
Then load that image here (Go Advanced & manage attachments) then we’ll be able to give you an opinion.

IMO the compression on dvd shrink isn’t that good. Try Dvd Rebuilder , there is a free version as well. The downside is to get better quality it takes longer.

comparing a transcoder to an encoder is comparing apples to oranges.

shrink is the best transcoder out there if you use the advanced settings.

dvd-rb uses your choice of a number of encoders (some free, some not, some better than others) most of which will be better than any transcoder because they are RE-ENCODING the data. This is also why it takes longer.

your statement is in esence still true, but it’s like saying that roger clemens is a better pitcher than my little brother…true, but no comparison.

Does this tell you anything? I could run it again…can’t I?

Ugh, I hate being:

This is an [B]-RW[/B]. It’s really an 8x rated media???
It says 2.4x which is obviously wrong… The known bug in the BENQ firmware. :Z

Yeah, sorry, I ran out of R dvds this afternoon. Is this reading inaccurate then?

So, can this firmware bug be fixed? What is the net effect (my dvds burn slower than they should)?? I don’t notice the burning to be painfully slow - or maybe I am a patient person.

That firmware bug never were fixed, AFAIK.
Normally it shouldn’t be a problem these days anymore but faster speeds are used these times…

I would use good +R media, set their booktype to DVD-ROM.