Can you use two 4.7 disks for quality

I am up and running and doing backup DVDs on my Sony DWD22a using DShrink and DCrypter.

Quality is acceptable, at the level of a good VHS tape.

The main compromise on quality :slight_smile: with this setup is the degree of compression, correct? So, is it possible (and practical) to use two 4.7s with no compression?

Or, if I burn the movie only, can I get that on one 4.7?

Thanks for the Newbie forum.

I would try the movie only. But yes I believe you can use 2 4.7 discs.

Good question, More comments appreciated :rolleyes:
Would Nero or DShrink do this and how would it be set up?

thx :slight_smile:

Use DVD shrink and, for the first disc, replace the main movie with a Still Image and use the crop tool to reduce the time. The still image (which for lack of a better program, I just use Paint) can say something like "insert disc 2 for the main movie). Then, on disc 2, reauthor it so only the main movie is there.

I read somewhere in a post (don’t know where exactly) that there are people who prefer putting it on 2 discs, rather than accepting a loss of quality. There was a program that can do this easily…

Sorry, just checked DVD Shrink on my other PC and found out that you can’t change the time of the movie (or still image, if you’ve replaced the movie with a still image) if you are in ‘full disc’ mode. So, the image will last as long as the movie. Still reduces the size significantly.

You can use the chapter selection in DVD Shrink to just split the movie. Of course you lose the menus and extras but don’t lose quality to compression. I am unclear on your first statement of
“Quality is acceptable, at the level of a good VHS tape”
I have no quality issues with shrink unless the compression is beyond 70%, then I just split the movie to 2 discs. Hope this helps.