Can you use lvw-5005 to backup your DVDs?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but can you backup your orginal DVDs using LWV-5005? and how?
I read the manual but did there is no mention of that.
I know how to backup DVDs on a PC and wonder if it can be done with the LVW-5005?
Thanks and sorry for such stupid question.


a true dvd is 6-8 gigs…your cd is only 4.7. If you want the full cd…cannot happen.

Thanks. I’m talking about home made DVDs (kids birthday parties, family trips, etc) which are less than 4.7 GB. I know that I can just play the DVD and copy it but what about the menus, chapters, etc?

nope … not possible. Use a computer with Nero or diskjuggler or cdclone or dvdshrink (free and it will not shrink if its less than 4.7 gigs but now you can put 6 gigs of your kids on a 4.7 gig disk using dvdshrink and the quality is still great. compresses data on disk automatically.

Thanks. Yeah, I have done all of that before on my PC but my burner just died on me and was wondering if I can use the stand alone to do this.
I heard that some stand alone models would do such thing and was wondering of the lite-on would do such thing, but it dose not look like it would.

The only way i can see you can do it is by recording from a dvd player to the LITEON(standalone) and recording the titles individually.Some players automatically run straight into the next title so you’d have to stop it at the right point and start recording again(creating a thumbnail) …Probably not worth the effort unless it’s easier than getting your camcorder out(or if you’ve already done some editing while recording) :eek: