Can you use blank dvd-r's to burn on a cd-r burner?

I have movies I downloaded, but they are too big for one c.d… I was wondering If I can use dvd-r’s since they have so much capacity. If not, Is there a program that would let me shrink the size of the movie?, like editing the files and such? thanks in advance

I don’t think you can use dvd discs in cd drives. However you can use cd discs in dvd drives. If I am wrong someone will correct me.

If you are trying to put a dvd length movie on cd’s you’ll need to use more than one cd in all probablity. You also need a program to do this.
Go to and look for the dvd2svcd guide.

To answer your original quertion. You cannot burn to blank DVD with a cdr only burner. You can only burn to your cdr media. You will probably end up having to conver to vcd then burning to the cdr.

you can’t write dvd r or dvd rw’s in a cd rw drive the cd rw drive will not recognise the dvd cd to burn dvd’s you will need a dvd rw drive you can get them quite cheap!!! sorry im not sure wat the best programme is to shrink them!!! good luck