Can you use 716a/plextools on external enclosure?


i like to hear fellow cdfreaks members experiences of plextools with 716a on the external enclosure.

unforunately or fortunately, i am using winxp sp2. the enclosure is hp 640e (infamous prolific 3507 with latest as of jan 2006 firmware) connected via ieee1394a

plextools pro 2.32a & xl 3.07 both did not recognized my 716a. it seems like this is intentional to force to buy external version of the drive…maybe.

now, i found pxscan, it does not matter much, but i still like to control speed drive & silent feature which i don’t know how to change the setting without plextools. any tools available for windows ??

if anyone is using plextools pro 2.32a or later while non-external version of 716a is connected via either ieee1394a or usb2, please share your experiences.


A few weeks ago I put my PX-716A in a PL-3507 with all the latest firmwares and they work fine. The only small drawback that I noticed is, Plextools will take more time to recognize the drive during Plextools startup (I disabled auto start on windows startup so I had to open it manually). Also accessing Plextools features will be slow, ie changing from the Basic tab to the Advanced, Silent Mode, etc). No problem performing Q-Checks.

Sorry if this is a little off-topic zevia, but this is true also for a Plextor CD-burner Premium on an external box?

I can answer that; yes it works exactly as zevia stated, with the additional delay as well. I have used it with an Oxford 911 firewire.

Thanks chas :bow: :bow:

I was planning to put my premium on a box :bigsmile:

Glad to help. If you are using EAC, you will need the WNASPI32.DLL file from Nero in the EAC directory for it to recognize the external drive.

It require simply a copy/paste or there is a particular procedure?

dang, why not me… any suggestions? should i reinstall my windows? which i really don’t want to do.

btw, i tried to speed up the scanning process using pxscan, but i cannot set the scanning faster than 5x although i suspect that silent feature setting i saved on the drive was 2-5cav.

anyone tried pxscan faster than 2x clv speed?

ok, problem resolved.

when i connected the drive via usb2 instead of ieee1394a, plextools recognized my 716a as 716uf.

i did not really notice it but my hp 640e enclosure box’s ieee1394a has been enumberated as hp 640e although the 716a itself was recognized as 716a in the device manager.

it seems like plextools did not look for the cd-rom class devices but looking for usb/ieee1394 & looked for certain strings.

anyway, thanks for all the inputs.

Thanks for that feedback. Nice to know the 716 works with Prolific.

I’m running a Premium in a external box with Prolific PL-3507 Chipset. As far as i can tell it’s fully working except for one issue: DAE for some reason is limited to 40x speed. When set to 52x speed the reading curve has a 23x-40x P-CAV form. Data is read at a full 52x same is true for writing data or audio. This is what it looks like:

btw, i tried to speed up the scanning process using pxscan, but i cannot set the scanning faster than 5x although i suspect that silent feature setting i saved on the drive was 2-5cav.

anyone tried pxscan faster than 2x clv speed?
In my external enclosure, I can scan at 8x, but not at 12x (it reaches 10x and then is kinda stuck at 10x). If the drive doesn’t accept a setting higher than 5x, then it’s probably the silent mode, but if it accepts higher settings and still scans slow, it is a transfer rate issue.

I could add the ability to disable silent mode during the scan in order to override the silent mode problem

Just copy.

Also, some computers need to use, what I recall, is the Windows Default setting. I am not that good at EAC so if you run into a problem, email me and I will track down the setting.

Just set EAC interface to “Native WinNT” mode (aka SPTI) and you’ll be fine … nor Nero ASPI needed.

shimman: If you still need to disable silent mode, and if your drive is still not recognised by plextools, please tell me…

Thanks to all for your suggestions :slight_smile:

YES & YES :iagree: :flower:

alexnoe, thanks for your support with your pxscan & i wish that you can break authetication protection stuffs what plextor added. it seems like plextor really wants to sell lousy plextools xl

btw, 716a seems to need good air circulations as my rather unintelligently designed hp 640e external enclosure has no holes & wheneve i scan stuffs from the drive multiple times, errors are getting bigger.

The “real” PX-716UF has a fan in its housing and probably for a reason.

That’s normal. All external Plextor drives are recognized with the same name as the internal drives. Only PlexTools will tell you that you’re using the UF (external) version of the drive.