Can you use 2 network connections simultaneously?


I don’t know if this is a good place for this question, if not, excuse me, I’ve asked on a few other forums already and received no answers so here goes:

Can you use 2 internet connections at the same time? I have access to 2 lans, one via a wired router and one via a wireless router, both connect to the internet. Could I somehow set the up the wireless so I can only use http on it for browsing the net and set up the wired so I cannot use http port on it but can use any other port for games, file sharing, etc…?

Would it simply be a matter of opening and closing the relevant ports on the relevant routers and making sure both network interfaces are enabled in the pc? Just wondering how for instance, your browser would know which connection it should be using to connect to the net when two are active (does it even need to know, would it just work aslong as one does allow access to the internet?).

Are there other ways of doing this?


If the PC does not sort it out itself (and it may well do), the you may have to get into using the “ROUTE” command to add preferred routes.

You’ll need to use some kind of load balancing and honestly it isnt worth it unless you really know what you’re doing. A UNIX based (bsd/linux) router/gateway is more or less required to have it work somewhat decently unless you go for an appliance box.

Thanks for your replies.

MattH, the “route” command, where would that be used? I thought that was to edit an entry in a routing table, on a router, or for instance on a server running RRAS (routing and remote access)…

Actually, thinking about it now i think it should be possible with rras aslong as it recognizes the usb wifi adapter as a nic that is.

The ROUTE command (from command prompt in WinXP) can be used to show or set routes and route metrics.

It won’t help with traffic type routing, but it could be used to direct certain address ranges to a particular interface - While the PC is not “routing”, it can be hinted as to which routes are available / preferred.