Can you tell whether this Verbatim is CMC or Prodisc and 8x vs 16x

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me whether these cakeboxes are likely to be CMC or Prodisc?

I believe the first link is CMC since it looks like it has a straight centre hub but it’s difficult to say and I can’t tell with the second one but perhaps someone with more experience can tell. I’ve looked at this post but only one of the pictures work so it isn’t particularly useful to me.

Also, and I know this is difficult to say without knowing the precise media code and the manufacturer but generally, would you recommend 16x Verbatims burnt at 12x or 8x (whichever is better) or 8x Verbatims burnt at 8x? I have a Benq 1640…


You’ll never know when ordering online :wink:
8x +R = MCC 003.
16x +R = MCC 004.

I would recommend 8x Verbatims or the 16x Verbatims which still have the DataLifePlus label because they look nicer. (Only applicable for the blue European versions.)

As it turns out, I bought the 16x which are CMC (PAPA with the flat bit on the spindle and the rectangle) and MCC004

In case any NZers are interested, I bought a 30 disc spindle of 8x and they are Prodisc with the + on the disc serial no and the different spindle.