Can you tell me which chip is this?

Hi guys, i just opened my PS2 to see witch modchip i have, the chip that i have is this one here:

can you tell me the name of this chip please, i dont think it boots dvd RL

does it? i tried a back up of God of War 1 patched with toxic’s and it did not

load it. by the way this chip is old, i had it installed in 2003. so please let me


going to change for a DMS man, just because of God Of War II !!

yeah , i just found out, this is magic 3.1 DVD9, it only boots original DVD9

not backups, right?

You cannot tell that for sure. These Magic like chips can contain any code (magic, ice, anything) but I suppose it is rather a Magic 3.0 as Magic 3.1 was fixed to boot DL media. These DL problems are rather because of weak laser/bad burns (what media did you use ?)

regards, Stephen