Can you teach old Nero to recognize new DVD burner?

I just got a new laptop with an NEC ND-6500A burner. However, my trusty old Nero does not recognize it. When Nero runs, it lists Image Recorder as the only recorder. Both Windohs XP Pro and Nero Info Tool recognize the drive properly.

I know, upgrading to Nero 6.x probably will solve my problem. However, 5.5.x is already paid for, it works wonderfully with all my other burners, it is svelt compared to the bloated 6.x, yadi yadi yada. The bottom line - I really like to to stick with Nero 5.5.x if I can.

I found a CDROM.cfg file that lists all the CD-ROMs that Nero recognizes. But I can’t find one for DVD burner. Is there a similar config file?

Any info and help is appreciated.


@ txlonghorn
Welcome:). I found this little nugget of info

Double layer ND-35x0A, ND-25x0A and ND-6x00A needs
at least Nero version and newer.

from NEC FAQ

Thanx please. I was afraid f that :sad:

It is interesting that the NEC web-site states:

“ND-2500A and OEM`s (ND-2100A, ND-5100A, ND-5500A) needs at least Nero version and newer.”

My trusty old Nero 5.5.10.xx has no trouble recognizing it. I have been using that burner with Nero for 6 months.

Double layer DVD’s need special parameters to control the laser I guess …