Can you suggest these DVD-R media?

Since i had no luck with ANY other media before with my LiteOn LDW-811S (Not even original Ricoh and MCC01 and 02 discs) and i start to believe that my burner burns -R media better, i think if i should buy TDK 4x DVD-R media. To my knowledge these media are either TDK itself, or Taiyo Yuden made which are both said to be very good. Are they better than MCC001 media? Do you have any experience using these media with a LiteOn burner (maby even the 811S)? Thanks in advance :cool:

I bought some TDK “4X” that won’t work worth $h!t on my 811. There’s a few people with the same problem, Media ID TTG01. I’m trying to find a “safe list” for the 811 until/if Liteon releases updated firmware.


In Germany, they should be TDK or TY. If there’s an indication on the package of where they ar emade, look for Europe or Japan.

In other parts of the world they are usually CMC-made.