Can You Spot 3 Differences?

I only found 2. :sad:

Highlighted response below- try the pics first


I fell for it you crazy bastard
Get everyone leaning nice and close to their monitor…
Good one

You got me, I nearly got a heartattack stoner :eek:.

Goddamit, I peed my pants. :a

Oh 'cmon, it’s not that bad.

I’m never good at spotting those differences in photos :frowning:
But I was still looking when stoner turned up on screen :bigsmile:

Hey! LOL. Maybe that’s Emmy on a bad hair day… or Savannah.

Nah, that’s most women, on a bad day, or with PMS/T, or in the case of one of my nieghbours, when she DOESN’T have PMS/T!

:a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a :frowning: :a

Pfff you didn’t think you could fool me did you? Okay so I wasnt prepared for that but I had taken the proper precautions.

See post by Stoner.
Understand it is some external link.
Remove headphones
Look for differences

I watched it here at work and my loudspeaker was off, so I didn’t had great problems.

Nice, anyway. :slight_smile:


Dude that big smiley face is weird:p


She defently doesn’t looks like me :rolleyes:

Can you delete a wrong post btw…??

Which post? Why are we wispering?

I can still read what you guys are whispering

Was just checking if you’re paying attention Emmy. Sorry about the comment, I meant to say debro on a bad hair day.

These belong to the Questions Only! thread.

Oh I am sorry mr Gil T Pleasure I shall never ask a question in any other thread again :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good. I’d hate to see a perfectly good question go to waste. :bigsmile:

:eek: :eek: :eek: You just scared my six year old son half to death he was standing at the side of me when it changed :smiley: :smiley: