Can you spare a minute?

OK folks heres the deal…I’ve had cancer twice…and its Tuesday evening and i’ve not slept since Friday night…I’ve had the worst back pain that will not go away…heat nor ice doesn’t help…so after a few trips to the chiorpractor and no results and countless soaks in the hottub…i broke down and went to my medical doctor…i was in KILLER pain…the kind where just walking makes you throw up…so i go in register and wait…the nurse comes out and says we will have to work you in…i look up at her…and say look…my pain level is a 10.5 on a 1-10 scale …if you can’t see me right now…i need a shot …then i threw up on her…she took me right on back…
but after x-rays…and such…and a pain shot…i have to go tomorrow for a ct scan …there are areas around one vertebra that look suspicious
So what i’m asking

if you have a spare minute …can you please whisper a prayer for me…I have to go at 2 tomorrow afternoon…and this is scaring me really bad…i don’t even want to tell my mom…till i know for sure what it is…
I feel like you guys are part of my family and its like a never ending thing for me to be asking for help…if i didn’t feel the same way about you…i wouldn’t ask…:wink:


You got it…

Absolutely, S_S! :iagree:

I’m sooooo sorry to hear about your problems…my sister-in-law only found out a couple of weeks ago that she’s got Breast cancer. Keeping my fingers/toes crossed for you both good luck.

No problemo …

Here’s hoping it’s just the super-nasty flu that Hit Oz last year :wink:

May God bless you and help you in your battle. I will surely pray for you. Good Luck. I hope to be reading your wacko comments for many years to come. :flower:

i’m sorry to hear it hun. I know you’d rather not worry your family, but they should know. even if it’s nothing it will be easier to have someone at home to go through it with.

I hope everything’s ok.

hope everything goes ok for you

good luck sweets.

thanks you guys are the best…

and @ reasons…i just know my mom is having an extra hard time …and i don’t want to worry her …i’ll just wait and see what the results are…at least then i can say…well mom my doc said I had__________. Instead of saying well theres something…but it could just be a fuzzy xray…nah i will spare her the anxiety…

it could be something as simple as a slipped disc or maybe a traped nerve. i know that about a year ago i got unbelievable shooting back pains which would make me collapse.
I could not get even into and out of bed without incredible pain.

I am not relgious but i will keep my fingers crossed and hope that you get a correct diagnosis and sucessful treatment for your problem.


Do not give up, fight against it. Tell your family about it. I’m praying for you.


Ill pray for you S_S. I hope you get better. Im sure you will. If you dont mind, I could request prayer for you in my church as well.

I’m very sorry to hear about your back. I don’t think that most people can even begin to imagine how severe back pain really can be. If it is a disk problem, at least take some comfort knowing that there are now several new treatment for disk problems so surgery is not the only solution anymore, and even if surgery is nessasary, the proceedures are much beter than they used to be. When I had back surgerie, they didn’t even have to cut a single muscle in my back (micro surgery performed by a neurosurgeon).
Our thoughts are with you…

Keep your chin up.

:cool: :cool:

I’m wishing the best for you S S

consider it done. All the best. xxx

If you ever need help for access to medical devices let me know and i’ll see what i can do.

Yes I will say a prayer for you and also that your mother start having extra easy times to.

You can count on it. :flower: