Can you SING? or are you a MUSICIAN?

SING: Professionals tell me that children cant tell the difference between someone that can Sing and someone that Cant.
I am tone-deaf ,my Kids whan young Told me "Mom dont sing " trying to Sing
Lullabies.Or was told .IF it wasn`t your voice You would be a singer.
Musician : Where does the definition lie between Someone that can play
an instrument and a MUSICIAN makes a living from it.
(if i can plonk a few notes out on a Piano,.or pluk a cord on a guitar i cant call
myself the latter.

The only songs I can sing are the “ABC’s” and “Silent Night”. :o

Umm, I took one drum lesson 12 years ago, does that count? Can I get a record deal now :stuck_out_tongue:

I can play the piano a bit, took a few lessons while I was in High School, as well as my mum teaching me a bit on the piano we had at home. :slight_smile:

I certainly cannot sing, though my mum’s a good singer.

I wouldn’t call myself a good singer, but i can sing. I’ve been playing guitar for 21 years though. So i guess i can pass at least as an amature musician now.

A bell is a singer much better than me :iagree:

I you’d here me sing, you’d know what real pain & suffering is. Not because i’m a bad singer (what is probably true), but due to the fact that i’m singing in a death/black metal style (even Take That songs :wink: ) The worst thing is, that i often forget myself and start singing on the street or on buses…

[/b]No. I earn enough money to pay taxes and not spend my days (and nights) on a footpath :stuck_out_tongue:

guitar for 14 years

Couldn´t sing even if the bros were standing on my nuts… :eek:

…but it never stopped Bob Dylan, and he´s done pretty well :iagree:

when I was in Europe saw lots of People BUSKING.
Here in South Africa people look down on buskers as a low class form of begging.

Thanks for all the input.
My son a 4th year BMUS student and I were talking about when can someone rightfully call themself a MUSICIAN.

Certainly not viewed that way here…some highly skilled people do it to earn a living, some do pretty well even…I´ve seen €50 to €100 collected for a 15 minute performance for example. One or two are mediocre for sure, but they are mostly tolerated…they don´t draw crowds, but they make enought to get by.
You´ll also see a few young people with a guitar, singing, or trying to sing, but people feel for them cos it looks like Dad said, “you wanna make that trip around the world, then you gotta put some effort in, show me you don´t just sit on yer butt…”