Can you select DOA when burning with Recordnow

i am using liteon 411S dvd drive
when burning data dvd, i only have option to select TAO (open) or TAO (close), is there suppose to be a DAO option
using recordnow max v4.50 and previously recordnow v4.60 dx

PS: i try nero v6.60 which burn every disc with DOA, but it is not compatible with my system asus a7v, it hang in the lead-in sometime and cannot terminate the program, only a hard reset will do it
the disc burn with nero seem better, no read error at the end unlike recordnow
so i think it might have something to do with DAO

now back to using recordnow

itz in advanced options. see ME

my data burning advance option only show 2 option to choose TAO (closed) and TAO (not closed)
there isn’t a DOA option to choose from for the DVD burning, only for CD burning ther is DOA option
so that mean liteon 411S is not fully support?
any one using recordnow and 411S can confirm

yeah, possibly a device support issue. i don’t use RN, so you’ll need to wait for input from anyone who does