Can you search for pictures on the internet differently?

Instead of going by usual search results, say you had a picture and wanted to search through the internet for a match could you do it? I’m thinking of hashing and stuff, something technical like that.

It’s just I’ve recently recovered my old data on my external hard drive with pictures of some people I used to speak to but have lost contact with since (as my old MSN got hacked) so I thought I could use something from them to search networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and come up with something. Since some people change their email addresses quite a bit, it’s a tad annoying.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

as far as i know,only 3 letter agencies can do that :rolleyes:


3 letter agencies?

Well, found some emails of old contacts but one has had theirs deleted anyway. Oh well.

Some web-based email systems have white pages where you can try to search for the names of your lost contacts. There are many to look at such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc of course, and you will probably find multiple people with the same name. I tracked down an old university buddy that way…got 3 or 4 with the same name…the email addresses are hidden but you can send them a message…they´ll respond if the want to.
In addition there are several “Old Friends” sites where you can search or post queries. A bit of work but it can´t be that difficult.

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