Can you run apps while burning

this is a v noob question

i`ve an amd 64 3400 w/ 1.5gig ram and like 2.3tb hdd

i wanted to know when i burn mirc and msn are always open

i`ve never tried doing music on winamp or mp10 or watching medias

cpu usage is only 1% or less while burning

anyone here does all that while buring , would it create a bad dvd or fail burn something like that ?

if i use mp10 and listen to song while bunring and chatting (is it harmful)

(sorry for all the noobs question , its like 7:30am sunday here so silly things are coming to my mind)

I would never do so because I have seen even slight usage drop the buffer quite low and I don’t want to risk a bad burn. I would run a test on your system with CDSpeed “create a disc”. Make an image file, burn the image with the buffer graphing checked, and run your applications and see where it goes.

With your specs. I would say Yes.But there is a possibility of a coaster-It depends - You can try and see if the process goes okay with the previso of making a coaster. Dvds are inexpensive. I would give it a try .

thanks chaos , i would do that when i get up from sleep

i wanted to know if buffer goes down a bit burn burn is successfull i.e not always on 99%
there is a possiblity of a coaster ?

this is one of the few reasons i wont play songs or watch avi’s when burning is taking place but then again u get pretty bored :stuck_out_tongue:

I multitask durning burns even testing burning with 2 apps at once, never a coaster,
but no multitasking during a scan(just a little surf if that).

Your specs look pretty good, but I say no. You do not want to run out of memory. You do not want to have a situation where the burner is ahead of the buffer memory.
I did this same thing early on, until I realized I got better quality burns with nothing running.
CPU usage of <1% is very good.

Ultimate 11 with CPU usage of 1% and 1.5 gig or Ram I don’t think you have anything at all to worry about, you could even run PhotoShop, run a virus scan and rip or encode a DVD wile you are burning and it wouldn’t make any difference, I have similar specs on my PC and even when I’m burning I’m still doing other things and running other apps and the burns are the same as if I’m not doing anything. I think that rule of not doing anything wile burning used to only apply to the very old burners on very old PC when buffer underrun was a problem, most modern burners can burn quite happily with multi Tasking and don’t have any problem with buffer underrun.

coathi, of course you “can” do some multitasking when burning, but I still agree with chas0039. Not because you might get buffer dropps, but because some of the multitasking activities can directly interfere with burning process itself.

If you don’t have the exact knowledge about multitasking activities, I for sure don’t recommend to run a virus scan or to rip a DVD while burning.

I normally surf the net whilst burning,this don’t take much CPU usage and is not putting demand on the burner process and I don’t normally experience any bad burns

Most people have so much crap loading at startup, they are already multitasking, they just don’t know it.

I regularly surf whilst burning & my system is much lower spec than yours. However, I’m using 6 IDE Channels with the C Drive alone on it’s channel & no burner on the same channel as a HD so absolutely no conflict.

This is no guarantee. I have my drive and HD separate as well and I can still see buffer drops when using the other HDs. It all goes through the same bridge chip.

And in my experiance, I have found that the disk scans are better with nothing running.
Another thing, if you notice the other program runs a little slower while burning, that tells you something too.
For me it came down to making the best burns I could, even if only a some percant better.
Thanks Mike

not me one of the first thing I do when I load a program is see that it does not startup when windows starts. But you are right so many programs are set to run at startup when you install them now days and or to access the internet to check for updates or send the company info you you or your system. I am every few months having to check my kids computers and stop all this so there computers work faster. My computers now have only zonealarm starting when the computer starts since it provides my firewall and virus protection. It does not take long to start a program when I need it.

I use my laptop which has an AMD2600 with 512Mb. I always always do many other things whilst I am ‘burning’.
Never had a problem with it.

be a power user not a loser
chewy mean

Bad Chewy :bigsmile:

Personally, both my PCs are a bit elderly now, so I prefer to leave the PC alone while it’s burning. But you should be able to get away with far more than me, with your specs. :wink: