Can you remember the movie title?



it involves a smallish carved african tribesman with a necklace which when broken by some-one entails them being possessed. the figure comes alive and i remember it running about an apartment making a squeaking kind of noise whilst it was being chased.
at the end of the movie i remember a woman calls her boyfriend on the phone and she asks him over, when she hangs up, she goes to the door and squats down with a large knife and starts banging it into the wooden floor obviously awaiting his arrival, i can still see the savage teeth she had.

i don’t know if this was a theatre movie or a made for tv movie, it scared the life out of me years ago and is probably pretty tame by todays standards but if you know it and can help solve the mystery i would be very grateful…thanks!!


Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black


thank you Bob for the answer it has been driving me crazy for months.


Good call Bob.