Can you Record Using Coaxial RF Connections?

Elsewhere, someone has said, “When the recorder is off nothing passes through the Scart leads which is why the coaxial connection is necessary as this allows passthrough.”

I have a USA version of a 5006. Consider the following hookup: VHS Tape Player to 5006 to TV via RF coaxial cables. Can you record off of the tape player this way, or because it’s a pass through, do you have to use S-Video or RCA component cables to record? (I was told by one member that you can, but I haven’t been able to. Would like a second opinion.)



Hi, yes you can record this way, all you need to do is play a tape and then look for the signal on the TV Tuner list in the setup menu, just go through all the crossed out boxes one by one and you should find your signal. Once you have found it, press enter and note the channel number, you can then record using this channel. Alternatively have the VCR running and do a full re-scan of the TV channels, the VCR channel will be among those found.

Thanks, mooi1uk. I’ll try that and get back to you if I have any other questions.


On my 5005 recording thru the Rf connection produces noise in the reocrding. Other have reported having the same problem.