Can you recommend to me any of these Ritek's discs?

Are any of these Ritek’s discs any good?

I’m going to make mostly some DVD movie backups and play those discs in standalone DVD players.

At present I don’t have any DVD burner, but I’m going to buy NEC ND-3500A.

DVD+R 4,7 GB RIDATA-Ritek 4x Speed 25-pack [RITEK R02]

DVD+R 4,7 GB Datasafe-Ritek AAA+ Grade 4x Speed 25-pack [RITEK R02]

DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G04-Ridisc 4x Speed A-Grade 50-pack

DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) RITEK G04 A-Grade 4x Speed printable Inkjet 25-pack

DVD-R 4,7 GB Philips 8x Speed in Cakebox 50-pack [FUJIFILM03]

DVD-R 4,7 GB Fuji-Datawrite 8x Spindle 25-pack [FUJIFILM03]

For the 3500A I would go for these ones.


I agree - can’t go wrong with any 8x Taiyo Yuden media-


Shipping costs to Finland are too high there, 28 euros. Nierle takes only 10 euros.

What about these:

-DVD+R 4,7 GB Datawrite-MCC 8x Spindle 25-pack [MCC 003]

-DVD+R 4,7 GB Bulkpaq-MCC 4x Speed printable in Cakebox 25-pack [MCC 002]

-DVD+R 4,7 GB 4x (burns at 8x!) Speed Ricoh -Arita Spindle 25-pack [RICOHJPNR01]

Is that true, that Ritek media from Traxdata, RiData, RiDisc and DataSafe are A-Grade media, but Arita is B-Grade media?

Are these DVD-R discs (below) any good?

-DVD-R 4,7 GB (G) TDK-Ridisc 8x Speed A-Grade 25-pack [TDK / TTG02]

I also want to know please :iagree: