Can you recommend a decent burner that also reads well?

Hi guys,

At the moment I own two NEC ND-4550A DVD-RW drives. They’ve served me well over the years and are great burners, one has finally given up the ghost so I am looking for a replacement. My biggest grudge with these drives is, even though they are very fast readers, they are also very fussy with scratched discs and throw up CRC errors very easily (if I try the same discs with my old lite-on drive, no problems at all).

I am tempted to go with the Sony-NEC joint Optiarc AD-7200A, but I am a little put off but NEC’s read performance. Has anyone tried this drive out? What drives do you recommend for decent reading/writing? Speed is not an issue (I always burn at 12x on 16x branded discs), so I am looking for quality/compatibility.

My experience with burner brands is limited so I am thinking of going for another lite-on drive, but I don’t mind spending on a more expensive drive if it it benefits!




I recently purchased an Optiarc 7201A and have been happy with it.

I reripped some old cd’s that had previously given other drives fits and it handled those well. In my estimation, it is an excellent drive for reading and writing.