Can you read this

can anyone tell me what these results mean (good or bad)

They don’t mean anything without a transfer rate and quality scan…


Decent scan, should play in anything… Notice the large amount of PIF’s toward the end of the scan, still OK for a 12X burn. I doubt you’d be happy with this media at 16X but who cares? The time saving might amount to 30 sec. or so…

it was actually an 8X disc that went higher than 8x, so i was curious if its ok

Your PI Errors are peaking to 29 and hovering mostly just under 20. My experience with this media has shown that upgrading to the latest B7T9 will likely lower these PIE numbers significantly.

The yellow PIF’s are peaking to a maximum of 5. This is good enough for the excellent 97% quality score. The PIF total is fairly high, though - likely mostly due to the high density clustering near the end of the burn. I’m not used to seeing this, but it might be related to the older firmware you’re running, or it might just be that particular disc. In any case it’s not serious since the peaks are quite low.

A very good to excellent burn that completed in 6 minutes, 40 seconds - pretty much exactly right for a 12X burn. This 8X media should burn fine at 12X.

cool. thanks again spartane

Yea we knew that, your first post was a 12X burn… :cool: Glad you cleared that up! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

but you didnt know the original "labeled " speed did you? thats why I asked.

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Your scan showed the disc’s media code to be RITEKR03, which is a very common and well-known 8x-rated media type.


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