Can you print dvd labels with a regular inkjet printer?

Apparently sticky labels are bad, so is there a cheap alternative? Some sort of paper that works like a temporary tattoo for your disks… only permanent? I’m new to this so if someone could help me I’d appreciate it.

I have read its not a good idea to put labels on your cds or dvds. You can use light scribe disks to make labels but it takes some time to print on the dvd. Its best to use a sharpe marker.

never never put labels on dvds is my answer I would use a sharpie marker or buy a epson printer to print on them. I love my printer and I can get the ink replacements from supermediastore for a good price so I do not even try to refill them. The DVDs look great and I do not have to worry about the label causing problems.

I use an Epson R200 (R300, R320, R200, R220, etc.). It can print directly onto printable discs. Looks great and no issues with wobble or playback. Printable discs are usually just a couple of pennies more (if that) than non-printable.

I originally tried paper labels - BAD, BAD!!!

I use an Epson 320 and I have printed at least 100-150 discs. It works well. The quality of the label is outstanding and there is no problem with playback at all.

I realize that some die hards prefer a magic marker or similar product, however this method works and works well. The main drawback to printing labels is that you go through a great deal of ink. With refills available (the printer takes 6 color cartridges) on line you can replace the cartridges for about $12-15 for all 6 generic refills. (six, usually 7 cartridges, seller usually includes 2 black cartridges)

The Epson 320 costs about $120 new but you can also buy a refurb for less than $50. Not sure I would advise getting a refurb’d. Epson also makes a 300 which does an excellent job as well. It just lacks some buttons and a few plugin extras. (same printing mechanism), less money.

As you seen it can be done but your printer must have the hardware and software to do this. The printer version is similar to lightscribe but in color if you choose. Plus it is less of a memory hog on the printer one compared to the lihjtscribe. As far as I know epson is the only printers to do this.

Just to add, you can get a continuous inking system (CIS) and add it to the printer. Basically just bottles of ink with tubes going into the printer and replacement cartridges. I picked one up off ebay, filled with ink, for $90. It had the same ink in each color as 6 replacement carts. I then bought refill ink from Sam’s Club online. 6 bottles of each color for $60 total, incl shipping. That gives me the equivalent to 18 of EACH color cartridges. I only have to refill it every 5-6 months.

Canon also makes some inkjet printers capable of printing directly to disc. (basically the same operation as the Epson)

From what I read canon does not sell theres in USA and I for one will never buy cannon again had to much problems with one of there printers.

I have an Epson 300 that I bought refurbished from Epson for less than $60 and a Continuous Ink Supply System form Print On A Dime for I believe $130 with Ink and print on printable and labeled disks with great results. If I use a label I use a CD Stomper to aplly the label and I have found the Memorex Labels the best and have had no problems at all. My cost for Ink is less than 4 cents a disk!

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I’m glad that you’re having no problems with attaching labels to your DVD media, but many other people have experienced severe problems after doing exactly that.

See this thread in the Blank Media forum:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

Thank You DrageMester, I guess I must be Lucky! I ocasionally now use labels but mostly print on printable disks as the additional cost covers the hassel of putting on a label.