Can you please help i want a cd printer

hi all i want to buy a printer that can print on cds
any ideas thanks for looking
and they aint cheap either…

I’d like to hear from anyone technically minded who’s tried to convert a standard inline-fed printer for this job? I’m sure it should not be too complicated to do (adjust the feed roller height, make an ABS or Acrylic tray to hold CDs)…

Well if someone has an old inkjet printer lying around doing nothing, the challenge is on!

Don’t know if any special ink is involved…
At least special CDs are needed (printable CDs, available in almost any shop that sells a variety of CDRs).

Als long as you don’t use HP that has a roll over paper feed (or any printer that doesn’t allow straight through paper feed for that matter) there shouldn’t be too much of a problem…though perhaps the thickness of a CD is too much for the average printer to handle…

The new epson 950 does this and the 2100

gordy :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for looking in and replying

and thanks for the links

Originally posted by gordy100
[B]The new epson 950 does this and the 2100

gordy :stuck_out_tongue: [/B]

gordy100, thanks for your great input :slight_smile: