Can you play iso's on your coumputer

can you play iso’s on your coumputer without a cd

Yep you can ‘play’ ISOs on your PC without the CD. Easiest way would be using Daemon Tools.

Or if you have Nero, you can use Nero Image Drive.

as kalas and DJMind already mentioned, you have to mount the image using Daemon Tools, Nero Image Drive (my preferred method), Slysoft’s Virtual Clone Drive or any other similar image mounting app/utility…

Virtual Clone Drive is free:


Daemon Tools for me. It’s free.

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Isobuster will also work.

what about DVD Shrink? This plays .iso files when you load it up. It has a little player. Im actually playing one right now.

Only for DVD Movies, it’s likely the OP was talking about games.

Why feel the need to dredge up a thread that’s over a year old?