Can you O/C a 32x Lite On to 48x?

Hi, this is my first post here so I’ll tell you what I’m planning on doing. Right now I have a 16x10x40 yamaha cdrw. I’m going to buy a Lite on from in a few weeks. I’d like to burn my cd’s at 48x but dont’ have 100$ to spend. I’ve read in these forums that you can overclock a 40x to a 48, but can you overclock a 32x to a 48x? This would be nice because It would save me 40$ but if it requires a lot of hard work and time I probably wont’ do it. Also, if I do O/C it to 48x will it be stable and will I be able to use smartburn?


This is one of the posts that might help you.

The 32125 W (NOT the 32123S) is overclockable to 48x12x48x as of now. It is stable and will burn some brands of CD-Rs at the rated 48x speed.

Thanks for the reply, newegg has the 32123S so I guess I’m out of luck. the 40125S retail for 70$ will work fine.


You might want to go thru this post:

Bottomline: Unless NewEgg is carrying very old stock, they would actually be selling the 32125W even if the website says 32123S. You might save a few dollars more if you take the trouble of checking with them…plus you can upgrade to the 48x burner with just a firmware update :smiley:


I have a 32x Lite-On on the way from Dell. My total cost was $65.00 including shipping. I’ll post the model number when it arrives.


i just got my lite-on 32x from dell. it’s a 32123s model. the manufacture date is april 2002.

no problem with installation. i’ve burned two 24x riteks at 32x without a problem, and i burned a 10x cd-rw at 12x. the firmware is xsor, which i’ll probably stick with as it seems to work well.

a friend who also has little money ordered the same drive from dell last night. i’ll report on his model number if anyone’s interested. the cost including fed-ex shipping was $63. pretty neat.