Can you name the group? This has been bugging me

Okay this has been bugging me. There was a gruop a long time ago that released a single called “Crucify”. All I can remember about them is that it was three people 2 men and a woman. The men looked realy camp, as did the woman but I don’t think you can get away with calling a woman camp, and they were from an EU country.

I know it’s not a lot of info, but this has realy been bugging me as I have asked friends and they think I have imagined it. I am sure I didn’t.

Army of lovers

btw single was called “crucified”


That’s the one!!! I knew I wasn’t imagining it. Thanks.

Well I was close with the title, and that’s good for me especially considering how long ago it was, I was just out with the tense :bigsmile:

Hehe, did a little search in my MP3 collection (60GB) and found two versions from this song overhere (radio edit and 12") :bigsmile: I can post them if you want :cool:

Ah, ye olde Army of Lovers. Or army of Alexander Bard. Their current reincarnation is Bodies Without Organs (BWO). If you’ve never heard of them, you’ve obviously never been to Russia. Competed in our ESC trials, but unfortunately lost to Carola, the witch. (yes, .ru.)

Your infinite insight and knowledge of pretty useless things never ceases to amaze me Airhead. :bigsmile:

Not here you can…unless you yourself owns the copyright to it… :cop:


Heh, Big Taxman…err Brother is watching you! :bigsmile:


It’s a nice offer VSO , even if Taxy intervened :bigsmile: I didn’t actually want a copy I just need the name so I can tell my friends I wasn’t imginming it and they can google the name if they didn’t believe me.

I have the song on original CD somewhere if I remember correctly…one of those Top40 compilation CDs that are released every year…

Lordy I am going to bed my typos are getting too much.

OH… that music really sucks… it’s not even music :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the Army of Lovers fan club would have something to say about that

And what’s in the charts in this day and age is? They were having fun and you can tell it. Look at todays lot, insubstantial boy bands and some poor excuse for R&B.