Can you make an MP3 DVD?

Hi all, first off I’d like to sat thanks for the firmware upgrades for the 451S, so far it’s working awesome!

Now, I tried to make a DVD with some MP3’s on it. but it wouldn’t play in my home DVD player (Panasonic HT-700) it’ll read pretty much any kind of disk (-/+ RW/R, HighMAt (whatever that is, etc.). But for this one, it just spin and said media not supported.

I’ve ben reading people talking about Booksetting and bitsetting. would this help my player read a DVD with MP3’s? Or is there some other audio format I should be using?

I’m trying to cram as many cd’s as I can per DVD.
Any help would be appreciated.


Some standalone dvd players will not support mp3 on dvd i have this problem with one of my players.
While the others work no problem…
If you have access to other dvd players (friends etc) try it on them and if it plays you will know its not a burning problem…

Yeah, my Sony DVD Player plays MP3’s on CD’s but not on DVD’s.

It’s not a compatibility problem with the way you burn it, the problem is the standalone device doens’t support it.

Yeah. Most standalones are so “STUPID” that if you put and DVD media in it, they automatically presume that is it a movie. When they find no VIDEO_TS folder and IFOs in it they simply give up!
Too bad:( but most DVD players behave this way

Well that’s not cool :frowning:

Thanks guys for your reponses, much appreciated. :slight_smile: