Can you increase mp3 quality by upping the bit rate?

If an original mp3 is 128kbs and I rerecord it with an increased bit rate of say 256kbs,will it increase its quality or does the old rule of not being able to improve on kb’s that were’nt there to start with apply?

it will sound worse. Don’t try it.

Starting from a mp3 is a bad idea: it worse quality. But if you start from original audio, encoding at a higher bitrate improve quality

Like editing pictures in JPEG format and resaving, each time you do it, you take some additional loss.

If you re-encode MP3 to higher bitrate, you make it bigger, while suffering additional encoder loss/artifacts.

Re-encoding to lower bitrate is not quite as dreadful, as you are moving deeper into the bitrate/quallity tradeoff, but there’s still a risk that even slight artifacting from the first encode may cause the second encode to suffer.

If you must re-encode, then hold the MP3 “master” in LAME extreme (highest VBR quality) or insane (320k CBR) format, encoding down for portable use, but better to hold master rips in uncompressed or lossless format - still room for 5 full CD-rips on one DVD in uncompressed.

My Question is : what if i burned a 112kbps mp3 file on a cd then ripped it again in 256kbps ??

Same question…same answer. Can´t be done!

well, it can be done - but it won’t improve quality! :stuck_out_tongue:
The Audio-CD you burned out of the 112kbps mp3 will have exactly the same sound quality as the mp3-file…