Can you imagine what SOny will do with Spider Man 3?

WIth all this talk about Blades of GLory defeating some ripping programs, I wonder what Sony is gonna cook up for Spidey 3? Maybe they will come up with a funky DVD structure or more aggressive puppet lock?

What do you guys think, let your imaginations fly!!?

Reverse engineering maybe to confuse what we know now?

Just for the record: Puppetlock is used by Augsburger Puppenkiste (Germany). Sony uses Arccos.
We will see how anydvds new fancy “AI scanner” ™ will work when it is released. :flower:

what is the point? new protection new crack. 2 months later it is on HBO.

Yup - what man makes, man can defeat. AACS has shown us that.


I thought copyright laws here and international are to stop reverse engineering other companies software and that the company can be sued for liability and coporate esponiage of stealing company program codes? So if Sony is doing that they are walking on a slippery slope.

Wouldn’t it be funny though if there was no encryption but a line of code to not let backup software see it is there and due to this it wouldn’t work at all? Yes I know it won’t happen but would be funny as blades of glory’s ordeal was just a little minor thing with the < > . :smiley:

If someon is so fickle as to not be able to view the original disk at all till they are able to burn a copy
then either buy 2 disks or watch a rental or payper view till a fix comes out
Yeeeeeessh :doh:

SS should take Sony to court for reversing their products :doh:

LOL that I would have to be there to watch!

I hope Sony et al FU bigtime
so that tabletop players are unable to read their crap with a resultant mass recall

I have read that Sony may only release Spiderman 3 on Blu-ray

I personally think that is a load of crap. Link to story please?

I read it on Afterdawn forum 2-3 months ago…
don’t feel like searching for a link… you can go to

I think this news was released as a joke on april 1st.

I don’t think the copy protection on Spiderman 3 is going to be anything special. Surely it’s not going to be Protect DVD as too many will be made and they won’t take a chance on many returns from people not being able to play the originals (and it’s already cracked anyway). It seems to me that there is a lull in any new copy protections coming out. Maybe they are getting wise investing all this money to bring out a new copy protection that gets cracked in a couple of days. Hell, even now 80% of the movies can still be cracked with DVD Shrink alone. Kick that up to probably 90% that DVD Decrypter can still crack on it’s own. That right there shows most movie makers aren’t really that much into copy protection. It’s mainly geared to the customers that wouldn’t really know how to rip a movie anyway (which is probably most of them).

There will not be a release to only BluRay only as there is far too much revenue to make on standard dvd format. As for protection, I expect the new anydvd to melt through the disc with ease but we’ll see.

As for protection, I expect the new anydvd to melt through the disc with ease but we’ll see.

Unless it’s Protect DVD (which I’m sure it’s not going to be), I expect RipIt4Me will be able to handle it with ease also.

Yes very true but I expect that we will see plenty more of those and some newer ones too. This was a blanten attack to anydvd from what I read and it was handled very quickly but the AI Scanner was the slow down but worth the wait.

If everyone would stop buying anything with sony on it then they would stop all this.