Can you ID this rebadged recorder..?

Radio shack will have the above DVD recorder on sale on the Friday after thanksgiving. From the outside appearance it looks like a Lite-on of some kind. Records to DVD +/- R but no DIVx support…

Here are the specs pasted from the radioshack site:

* Dual-format DVD recording--DVD±R/RW
* Playable discs include DVD±R/RW, DVD video, CD-R/RW, SVCD, VCD, Audio CD, MP3 CD, WMA CD and JPEG CD
* Easy Guider on-screen guide for setup of single-button recording

does anyone know what the actual lite-on equivilant model would be? and should it be able to take liteon firmware?

Clearly some close variation of this recorder, if not the exact same recorder.

The Liteon lists additional specs such as MPEG4 playback and a Firewire connection, although that’s not to say that those features aren’t present in the RS version. Whether that equates to Divx playback on the Liteon or not, I don’t know (although I’m guessing it will playback Divx in some capacity as Divx is a form of MPEG4).

BTW, I saw in one of the black friday ads this Liteon model for, I believe, $69.xx.

looks like the LiteOn LVW-1101 (mini) or some version of it.

wow, the remote control looks EXACTLY like my RM-58 model which comes with the LVW-5115GHC+! but i would agree with scoobiedoobie that it’s the LVW-1105HC.


it looks like Meijer has this for 69 on black friday. I’m in CA and dont think they exist here :slight_smile: so maybe I’ll try this recorder from the Shack for $79.

ok… looking carefully at the officemax scan, the 69 (ar) recorder appears to be an 1105hc. One of the things I noticed as different was the RW logo on the disc tray. The 1105 has a lighter logo and the 1101 has a dark logo…

replying to myself again :slight_smile: - i went to rat shack this morning and looked at the user’s manual, no mention of MP4 or DIVX playback on the presidian dvd-recorder.

The 1105 does not do +/- DVD writing. I also saw an ad in my bonus paper today for the recorder at RatShack on Saterday only. (small town RS) maby their closed Friday, anyway it says in the ad it has IEEE input for a digital camcorder. I will call them Friday to see if their openand if they have it and will also chek another RS on Friday.

according to this the 1105 does do +/- …

Right you are I was looking at the 1101. I checked the RS site today and its on sale for $109 and they also show a rebate of $50 for it. The rebat says its god for the 23-26 of Nov. But when you download it it says its only good in Dec. So I haent a clue whats going on. My paper says $50 rebate. The picture on the RS site doesnt show a fireware port but the newspaper add says it has it. Maby there 2 different ones.

What about the one at Best Buy. It’s a Liteon for $69 but not sure what model. Any ideas?

I just checked their flyer and the only one is a samsung for $99
where did you see it?


Some kind of joke? Thay dont have any store ads, its a clasified board

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I ordered 2 off the RS web site, The frst one had $20 off = $109, the 2nd one had the rebate posted + $20 off = $59. However the rebate form still has the wrong date. The rebate message said good UNTILL 11/24/05 so both were purchased on 11/24/05 so I should get them both at $59

Umm. I didn’t I said .net :slight_smile:

Yor are right, I cant read. Sorry.
I checked and they have the same flyer posted. I didnt see any Light-On DVD recorders listed.

Today I called RS and told them about the rebate problem, so their soulition was to credit me $50 for each recorder I ordered, So I got 2 for $59 each + taxes. Nor rebate needed. Reading the LiteOn site they have 2 that look the same the 1101 and 1105. The 1101 only does + but the 1105 does +/- So unless its some special model made roe RS then it has to be the 1105, eithet way, the 3 people that reviewed it gave it 5 stars. I have an Artec which is a peice of crap. I will be glad to get rid of it. I also picked up a new Tivo to replace my old Stand Alone one for $29 after rebate. Comp USA had them for free but were out.

Happy shopping.

Office Max had the Lite-On LVW-1105HC for $69.99 after a $30.00 rebate.

I was blown away by the specs of this recorder! The only feature it didn’t have was a hard drive.

I believe the one at RS is the same recorder, but I can’t verify at this time.

Yes, this model will play DiVX/Xvid encoded files, and I have already verified this feature.

It will do +/- R & RW and comes with a starter DVD+RW blank. When you put a factory fresh blank in, it will format it automatically. I believe it will lock the recording speed for that disk once the initial format is done, but I haven’t had time to check that yet. I have not tried a DVD+/-R or a DVD-RW yet, but I’m confident that it will perform flawlessly like all of the other Lite-On products I have seen.

It has ok documentation, a good remote (batteries included), RF & AV cables and seems to be a very solid unit with lots of features. One year warranty.

I am extremely happy with the unit, even tho I have only owned it for a few hours now.

Wish I had the cash to go buy another one!!!

Now, how about firmware hacks, mods, hidden features and the like? Anyone???


I picked the lvw-1105hc from officemax myself today and I’m quite pleased. First dedicated (non-PC) DVD recorder I own so maybe I’m just inexperienced. :slight_smile:

However I’ve already recorded a bunch of things and wow it’s nice.

Yes, its a LVW-1101. I bought it.