Can you go from Firm 1.00 to 1.02 with the H22L?!?

I am wondering can I use the new firmware upgrade withouit the 1.01?
Also, does the contrast software work with the new H22L?

yes, the changes from 1.0 to 1.01 are included in 1.02, no need for flashing 1.0 -> 1.01 -> 1.02…

Of course, I did so. But does anybody know the changes, besides the Vista Support (which is an absolute nonsense, since DVD Burners are generic devices, and if a DVD is not supported by Vista, you won’t be able to install it in the first place, right? So what’s the Vista support for?)

Ok, I had problem with Nero with my H22L, I am hoping the firmware fixes it. I continued to get Data Verification Errors.
Also, could someone answer if the CONTRAST software work with the new H22L?

Then please use better media!

I hope that the firmware fixes more then only a compatibility issue (if there ever was one), too. I bought this drive a few months ago; it deliveres good to perfect results on quality media … at least in case of single layer media.

On the other hand, i tried about a dozen of various double layer media (verbatim, ritek, cmc and ricoh) - and only one (!) was finished, the others were not finalized since the burner gave errors on the layer break. I decided to move over to a 7173a, which gives mediocre results on both single and double layer media - but at least this drive does not kill them.

Further, a wider media recognition would be great.

Hopefully this weekend i will spend some time on testing the new firmware.

Greetings from Germany,

alphap3nis :wink:

Please do so…I cannot believe LG thinks the new firmware will satisfy us with the “so-needed” Vista Support added!!! How can they even speak of Vista support added to the firmware? :a
A DVD Drive is a generic device. This means that it is supported by any OS and doesn’t need special drivers or something like that! What’s the Vista support for then?

I’m just glad that there’s an update at all, so that I can do some tweaking. Not having a fw file available was ohhh so annoying.

What a waste, anyone knows that only Verbatim DL media is worth the money & time.

I disagree. From my point of view, cmc isnt that bad; ricoh would probably do better if the drive manufacturers would optimise their firmwares for their special production method. [I]All[/I] verbatims i tried were defective.

And yes, ritek is surely not the first choice when it comes to double layer media :rolleyes: .

Beside this - if the drive would have worked as expected, i would never have tried a different brand but verbatim.

As mentioned, i doubt its a media related problem. Either the initial firmware is not well-engineered … or my drive is broken. The weekend will show.

Greetings from Germany,

alphap3nis :wink: