Can you give me advice on buying a second drive?

Hi I have just Bought the NEC ND-3500A >>> looking to buy a second DVD writer to go with this drive on my PC.

I am thinking of just ordering another NEC ND-3500A, so I will have 2 of them >> but thinking adding a totaly diffrent drive will give me a larger choice of DVD media I can use.

wot do you recomend >??

BenQ 1620


You may run into conflicts using two burners-

I have just changed to using an Aopen 1648/aap DVDrom drive with my 3500-

This combo gives me great read/rip times and takes the burden off my burner - and - NO “disc dancin”


Benq 1620 is a good choice.

I don’t understand what conflicts you could run into running two burners. I’ve got the NEC3500, BenQ 1620, and a LiteOn 1633 in the same machine as we speak without a hint of problems…


Get the Benq, then you’ll have argueably the two best DVD-writers on the market today.

pcdoc > i installed that Asus m/b the other day, went into the bios made a few changes from default and it fired right up. Friend says it’s working great. Told him to rtfm as i don’t have it to answer questions. Thanx for the referal.

I ordered an LG 4120 yesterday (having sold my LG 4040) to go with my NEC 3500.

This gives me DVD-RAM capability also.

Glad it worked out for ya… :wink: