Can you get permision to copy a dvd?

Newbie but not sure of the right forum to ask this on.

I understand that technically it is illegal to attempt to copy a copy protected dvd to keep a back up for your own use.

I have an older child with learning difficulties who trahses all his own dvds and my dvds quite quickly. I cannot afford to keep replacing films etc.

Is the only answer that I stop buy dvds at all or can I actually get some kind of license to keep one back up copy per dvd and lock the originals away some where?

I’m not looking for psychological advice or suggestions that this ought not to be happening, but I’m looking for a practacle legal solution.

Here how it partially goes if you purchased the media for your own use you can in legal terms do as you wish with the media as long as you don’t use it to gain profit or resale them. That’s how I understand it. But since you own them you can make backup copies of the DVD as much as you want and for long as you want to. The difficult part comes in the software you purchase to remove the protection so that you can backup the dvd so you can keep the source in a safe place. I would say take a look at Dvdfab plat and also Anydvd with CloneCD or CloneDVD. They all have trial periods before you have to purchase them. But do look over their site before you use them. Also when you do copy your source media choose a good media to burn to like verbatim SL or DL media depending on your budget and needs.

You can duplicate anything as long as its not for profit…:flower:

Lets go back to the '70s where VHS/Beta max were introduced…
VHS was able to duplicate TV shows/ (by the way, you didnt even have to pay for copyright TV shows just record them) movies you own to watched for later viewing…
this generated attention… the result: everybody wanted one of these units…
now, we use DVD Recorders but, its virtually the same concept expect its a movie on a disc. Case in point: As long as you dont profit of a copyright copied medium . Your okay with the law…:wink:

A question that was asked in a forum that generated so much buzz…the thread was deleted. Was: "Can I sell my movies that I very well purchased…
because now, I have the copies. " They hijacked bashed & on him to such an extent the mods just removed it. Don’t worry…I wont say…:cop:

It depends on your country’s laws.

[QUOTE=camellote;2173455]It depends on your country’s laws.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely agree and it would be a mean spirited government that would pursue litigation against an individual in this situation.

common sense would say, regardless of the law, that you SHOULD have a right to backup something you PAID for for PERSONAL USE… end of story :wink:

What about backing up a similarly ‘copy protected’ vhs video, but for convenience backing it up to DVD. Is it the same legal debate or are there other legal issues unique to that scenario.

From a practacle view point I hear to achieve this you require decoding hardware between the VHS player & the DVD recorder, but that most do not work. Are there any alternatives? Some purchased video content is no longer available and it would be nice to still be able to watch it in the longer term.

When it comes to judicial hair splitting who knows what a court will decide. Then, there are issues of end users intent versus a strict interpretation of the law.

The Grex unit is readily available and may meet your needs. You might be able to buy the unit at a store with a 30 day return policy. For an extended search of the issues, use Google for image stabilization or Macrovision.

To copy VHS, check this.
It is something new.

As for legality, read few posts on this forum and decide for yourself what to do.

[QUOTE=Sysbase;2173751]Internal use is legit. Resell isn’t. That’s how I’d do. Think if personal use was not okay think of all the people that would be arrested. Its just not going to happen![/QUOTE]

Do not confuse legality with what people do, but the bottom line is, you are right.