Can you flash a 1653S with CG5G?

Is it possible to ‘backward’ flash a 1653S with the CG5G firmware? :confused:

Just want to try to see if it burns better quality with the discs I have.

No. The drive will not work with 832S firmware. Have you tried CSTJ firmware? You can get it from my site.

do you recommend CSTJ over CS0K?

Yeah. Except for one MCC004 burn, I just can’t get the same results from CS0K, that I was getting with CSTJ. All my burns with CS0K have higher total PIF errors, compared to CSTJ.

Yeh, tried all the different firmwares :sad: inc. CSTJ. Is there a quality patch in the works, for this drive? :bigsmile: :bow:

Yes there is, but I have no idea when it’s going to be ready. It won’t be for a while yet, unfortunately.

What media are you using and what do your scans look like?

Do you think I can safely flash my 1653SX with it, too? Last time I tried to flash a usb drive, I fried it. :sad:

@Korean Burner
you can NOT use CG5G with your burner!


are you saying that CSTJ is better than CS0K? in what ways?


I guess c0deking is saying that. CSTJ the best!

I know the 3S drives are fickle with firmware. Some like one version better and some another. All I’m saying is that I’ve never had better results than with CSTJ. Since flashing to CS0K I’m getting higher total PIF errors, but still well within spec. See my posts in the Strategy Switching thread. Sub 100 PIFs with CSTJ. Now they are around 500, repeatable. Same drive, same batch of media.

Since we hijacked vergs’ thread talking about CSTJ vs. CS0K (sorry vergs), I decided to start another thread to show some more results that I’ve just produced and to open a discussion. You’ll find it [thread=133363]here[/thread].

@ C0deking

Here are scan examples;