Can you feel it?




Can you feel the peace returned on this forum. I must say there are many closed threads -> closed cases. But lately a lot of discussions have been closed. So to all the modernators: Don't close a thread to quickly, it might become a great discussion

Just a hint..

The Replicator


that would be me who is closing them fast, i’ll tell you why:

when some1 says something ‘bad’ about you guys, you react on that, but also other people like to participate in that conversation, no probs with that, not at all.

But when you solved the problems and the other person is happy with that by saying thnk you, i think it’s time to close it.

that specific problem is solved then, so if an other person has probs 2 , i think he should post them ! but NOT in the same thread!

otherwise there will no overview possible.

so thats why …i do the things i do!

[b]<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>code:</font><HR><pre>Ruff-Next[/b]


"this was an invitation to other people besides ‘Liquid’…so I think Replicator is right not to close threads to easily…not meant to be negative to you,Ruff( helpfull in more than 1 way), but give discussions…talks the “space they need” once in a while…sometimes they create more “and better questions”!!..

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